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Tori Amos Leaves Waverly Inn in New York, Pictures, Photos

What a treat! We NEVER get paparazzi photos of Tori.

Tori Amos leaves the Waverly Inn in NYC.


Who’s the chick with her?

Image via Splash

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  • Are you sure that’s Tori? What happened to her face? That chick’s nose looks diff, she has a five-head, and it looks like she has tits. Tori’s pretty flat.

    I want paparazzi photos of Tori, too. I just dunno ’bout dis bitch. Ha.

  • that’s not her. First, her nose is atrocious (of the woman in the pic not tori, and I know about atrocious noses, I have one). Second, it looks like she’s smiling and how many chaces we have to see tori amos smiling in front of a paparazzo??? really? I think is more likely that she starts as a guest judge on american idol.

  • Lisa if you would stop licking random cocks and read you would know who Tori was even though the pic is not her.

  • That’s not Tori Amos!!!!! That’s the British actress Helen Briscoe. Not sure who the chick with her is though……

  • That’s not Tori, that is Helen Brisoce the British actress. She’s playing Lady Macbeth at the mo on Broadway me thinks …

  • Gosschick I is wit u. It’s Helen Briscoe not Tori. Looks like her tho sometimes. She’s a mega actress, Helen dunno about Tori ;)

  • Just looked and I have heard of Helen Briscoe. She’s amazing. Next big thing apparently … Lady Macbeth at the National Comedy Theatre …

  • Yeah, wasn’t she the bitch in the last ridiculous Bond movie. With the ice castle and the invisible car. The Olympic gold medalist. Wow that sounds shitty.

    If so, she was also in the movie Doom. Which, no lie, featured a sequence of three teams of two characters walking down a hallway, searching for a monster that was one third of the movie’s running time. She had a romantic subplot that came out of nowhere with a black character, which was surprising, because they didn’t start to do any character development until the movie was almost over.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go listen to American Doll Posse again.

  • So not Tori Amos!!! It’s an ugly hook nosed redhead with her “galpal” who obviously is still in transformation stage from man to woman…What an adorably homely couple!!

  • I’ve been within kissin’ distance of Ms. Amos, and that ain’t Tori Amos. Look at that NOSE!

    Honey? Huh-uh.


  • SO, SO, SOOOOOOOO NOT our Tori! We wouuld know our Tori with our ears plugged and blindfolds on.