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Paula Abdul

Paula’s Back!

A photo of Paula Abdul at the TV Land Awards

Not back to American Idol or anything.  No, this is better.  Paula Abdul is the executive producer, creative partner, lead judge, mentor, and coach for a dance competition show, Got to Dance.  The show is going to premiere on CBS sometime mid-season as the U.S. edition of a British show with the same name, and it will no doubt be a train wreck.

I never really got into American Idol, but I have a friend who watches it religiously, and she always sends me clips and says “watch this hilarious audition,” or “watch Ryan Seacrest be ridiculous,” but my favorite has always been when she says “watch Paula Abdul be out of her fucking mind.”  And she always really, really was.  That was when she was just a judge, but if she’s what seems to be the running force of the show then I can’t even begin to imagine that magic.

First Look at Ellen on Idol

OK, well it’s not a lot, but you at least can get a taste for what it will be like when Ellen DeGeneres takes over for Paula Abdul next Tuesday on American Idol. I only saw the Boston auditions from this new season so far and I really really missed Paula, but Ellen could possibly be a hilarious addition to the judges panel. I don’t think Ellen will ever be Simon levels of mean, but she won’t be Paula’s level of nice either. Are you going to be tuning in on Tuesday and what do you think the addition of Ellen will mean for the show?

Drunk And Drunker


Lindsay Lohan and Paula Abdul were canoodling last night at Richard Branson’s Rock the Kasbah party — oh who even cares where they were? — and seemed quite chatty.  Can you even imagine what a conversation between these two would sound like?

LL:  Hi, Paula.  I’m a really big fan.  I hope to attain your level of tolerance celebrity one day.

PA:  Linds!  Rock on!  You just *unintelligible slur* need to believe in yourself.  Don’t ever forget that!

LL:  I know.  I’m working too hard.  I’m a workaholic and now that I’m a designer, I just find the work so exhausting.  No rest is really making my *sniff* allergies act up.

PA:  Well … uh … you just gotta believe in *unintelligible slur* who you are and who you are is beautiful.  Don’t ever forget that!