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Paula Abdul Squeezes a Chart Ranking Out of “Here for the Music”


Twenty years ago this week, Paula Abdul scored her second No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart with “Forever Your Girl.” This week, she’s back on the charts, with her new single “Here for the Music” coming in at the #87 spot following her appearance on Idol last week. Not an especially embarrassing ranking for a 46-year-old doing dance tracks, but I’d wager money that it’ll be off the charts entirely by next week.

Meanwhile, Chris Daughtry’s “No Suprise,” which debuted on Idol the same day as Paula’s single, is on the charts at #15. That one, I think, will continue upward.

The student has become the teacher, yo.

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  • word yo. because someone that can sing (on AIdol) can be compared to a phony judge who whores out her pill-popping comes out the week she lip-sync’s the week her single comes out. that’s the real point.