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Is Paula Abdul’s Idol Run Over???


Noooooooooo!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!

They CANNOT kick Paula Abdul off Idol. They simply CANNOT. I will be devastated. Half the reason I watch that show each week is to play the delightful game that I invented. It’s called “Paula Abdul: How High?” And basically the way you play is you watch Paula “talk,” you watch her glazed eyes roll around in her head, you watch her try to slap Simon and practically miss, and then you write down on a piece of paper how many milligrams of Xanax you think are currently in her body. If the number you’ve written down is greater than 10, you move on to the next round. In round two, you write down on a piece of paper how many milligrams of Hydrocodone you think are in Paula’s body. If that number is greater than 30, you move on to the final round, in which you have to guess how many shots of vodka she’s had that day. If that number is greater than five, you are the champion. Needless to say, I win weekly.

But now word on the street is that Paula Abdul has still not been offered a contract for the new season of Idol — and auditions start August 6.

“Very sadly, it does not appear that she’s going to be back on ‘Idol,'” David Sonenberg, Abdul’s manager, told the LA Times. Sonenberg says he doesn’t even have a proposal for a new contract from FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment, the production companies behind the show. The new season is scheduled to premiere in January.

“I find it under these circumstances particularly unusual; I think unnecessarily hurtful,” he said of the contract holdup. “I find it kind of unconscionable and certainly rude and disrespectful that they haven’t stepped up and said what they want to do.”

Representatives for Fremantle, 19 and Fox all separately declined to comment.

OK, look, Kara DioGuardi won me over a teensy tiny bit on the finale when she showed up Bikini Girl in her own bikini — that was cool — but she can NEVER replace Paula in my heart. I don’t care how difficult it is to work every week on live national television with a drug addict, Fox — figure out a way! We can’t lose our Paula!

(Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest’s new Idol contract has him earning a cool $45M over the next three years. The hardest-working man in show business is well-compensated, I’ll say.)

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  • I find Ryan Seacrest horribly annoying and a big part of why I stopped following Idol. I must be alone though if they are going to pay him that much.

    I would much rather have someone like Graham Norton host Idol or a similar show. Cat Deely on SYTYCD is pretty good too. Both of them are far less annoying and rather enjoyable. They also help keep their shows running on time instead of doing stupid banter and egging on the judges.

    You are right, Paula is the best thing about Idol besides Simon. I miss ‘Hey, Paula!”

  • Ryan Seacrest making that much money is heartbreaking, he’s the most vanilla, least interesting person working in “show bidness” rather sad testament on what constitutes entertainment today. He has Merv Griffith to thank for a career, even if it was on his knees.

    Most celebs won’t even allow him near them on the red carpet, he’s sort of king of the zlist as far as interviews. Honestly it’s shocking to see how much he’s paid and how far he reaches, he’s just so icky and uninteresting.

  • I didn’t know Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Daniel Day-Lewis are z-list. They all talked to Seacrest on red carpet this year or before that. He has a lot of celebs on his radio show as well.
    And he’s a hard working guy. Idol makes 1 billion dollars every year, and he’s a part of that machine. So yeah, it’s normal money considering success of the show.
    As for Paula, she played too many games. She blackmailed FOX and Fuller, said many times she has many other projects to work on, bullshit like that. maybe they tired of her?

  • Well this isn’t too shocking to me because this is the reason they brought Kara in last season. It was to transition her into being the new judge. I’m okay with it. I usually mute the TV when Paula is talking anyway.

  • Whats with her tongue? Is it “tardive dyskinesia” from the anti-psychotics? Or perhaps looking at the smile on the guys face behind her perhaps she just got up off her knees. Mmmm.
    Kara is fucking annoying by the way. That show will tank if its just her and no Paula. This is a question for everyone so listen up. Is it just me or did Kara use the word “soul” on last years Idol more times than Jesus Christ and the Apostles did during their lifetimes? “you touched my soul”, “you reached my soul”, “you sing from your soul” blah, blah, blah, fucking blah.

  • she’s not going anywhere. she’s just negotiating a higher contract and making everyone talk about the show. i’m sure she and simon have it all figured out. remember, he said last year that he possibly may not return…and then he gets a ton of money. don’t sweat it, she’ll be back.

  • It will be too bad if we lose the train wreck element of the show.

    As for Seacrest, I’ve always been mystified by his popularity. I couldn’t stand him when he was just a local DJ in Los Angeles, and I can’t stand him now.

    My theory is that he does not have much to do with Idol’s success. They could have canned him and kept that Dunkelman guy (or whatever his name is) and it wouldn’t have made much difference.

    Is there anyone out there who think Seacrest adds something to the show?