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Lindsay Lohan Squirts Watergun at Paparazzi Pictures Photos

So, I missed Lindsay Lohan’s big return to “film” in ABC Family’s television airing of Labor Pains today, but it’s airing again on Thursday and my DVR is SET, yo. I’m not gonna miss a minute of Lindsay Lohan’s fake pregnancy and real acting skills. However, I know Wendie watched it (yeah, I’m outing you on that) and I expect a full review from her when she starts work in the morning.

But I do have these pics of Lindsay messing with the paparazzi this weekend, stepping out of her house armed with waterguns. I bet she treasures those waterguns. They’re probalby the only thing she’s had squirting at her since the Calum Best days.

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  • She looks strangely . . . healthy. Still pretty skinny, but she seems to have gained some weight, her hair looks real, she looks genuinely happy, and she’s not dressed in something utterly ridiculous. The water guns are sort of odd, but everything else seems pretty decent.

  • She’s still alive? Ugh.
    Does somebody that doesn’t actually do anything, isn’t remotely attractive and has a boring personality really need paparazzi and media coverage? As sick as I am of Michael Jackson coverage I’d take ten years of continuous new coverage of that if it meant I’d never have to hear or read about this dumb cunt again.

  • Lol anyone who goes off on someone that much means that they do secretly love her as Mcbiscuit says or they are secretly jealous of her. I mean who wouldn’t want loads of money and attention while doing nothing but having fun and crazy lesbian affairs. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

  • More importantly, what’s thatstick in her yard? It looks like one Of Jeff Dunham’s comedy puppets, lol, I don’t like that comedian too much, but I think it’s hilarious that she might have the chile face dude with a backwards hat on his head in her front yard.

  • Unfortch, Labor Pains was okay– but didn’t really satiate my appetite for some REAL LL acting. That sounded kinda dirty.

  • Crap. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I actually enjoyed Labor Pains. It was pretty funny, and I liked the storyline. The only confusing thing was how she and her characters best friend shared cigarettes. I personally don’t smoke nor am I usually around people who do, so it was really strange to notice how EVERY time the best friend pulled out a smoke, she handed it to Lindsay to finish off. It was gross.

    • thats a thing we smokers like to call saves.
      If you’ve run out or someone else does’nt have a ciggarette you give them saves.

  • Those squirt guns are for her. One is filled with vodka and the other with Sam’s menstrual blood. Mmmmm…..