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Separated at Birth???


I’m watching American Idol tonight, and maybe this is due to my burgeoning Ambien problem, but every time they showed Scott MacIntyre’s face in that dark leather jacket I just thought to myself “They needed this guy for NKOTB.” I mean, look at him! Eyebrows, jawline, vacant stare. He fits right in. Actually, he looks specifically a lot like Joey McIntyre, now that I think about it. And now that I think about it even harder, has anyone actually seen Joey McIntyre lately? In the same place as Scott MacIntyre???


I’m still a little bit high on Paula’s use of the word “legato,” which is how she referred to Scott’s performance. Hang on a sec, let me get you the exact definition of “legato” as it pertains to vocal performance: “a string of sustained vowels with minimal interruption from consonants.” Ohhhh, Paula. I know now why you like this word. You get a similar definition when you look up the side effects of long-term Xanax abuse.

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  • I’m getting the impression that my IP address is blocked… my comments aren’t showing up? so this is a test….

  • Hey looked beyond creepy with that hairstyle and now I totally see the NKOTB resemblance. BTW I saw Joey McIntyre in Oct. at their concert and he is smokin…and apparently I am 12 again…

  • Oh, that’s a good observation. I can see it. However, that “vacant stare” is because he’s blind…yikes.