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Paula Abdul Fan Commits Suicide Outside Paula’s House

This is some scary and very sad stuff!!!

A car with a dead woman inside found parked outside Paula Abdul’s house in Los Angeles on Tuesday night is registered to Paula Goodspeed, a former American Idol contestant and self-described “really big fan” of Abdul.

Police have not confirmed the identity of the woman – an apparent suicide victim – but suggested she was an infatuated fan of Abdul.

The woman’s car featured a license plate “ABL LV” and had a photo of Abdul hanging from the rear view mirror, according to Fox News video taken at the scene. A DMV check of the license showed that the car was registered to Goodspeed, 30.

“This has been ruled an apparent suicide,” said LAPD officer April Harding, “and the coroner’s office is now investigating. The body was found around 6 p.m. Tuesday.”

Apparently Paula’s audition was featured prominently in the show, and she was panned by judged.

I’m trying to find a YouTube clip, but no luck so far.

RIP, Paula Goodspeed.

Update: Here’s the video. Thanks to the commenter who tracked it down.

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  • Wow! Her singing isn’t that bad. It’s a shame that fan can distinguish between reality and fantasy. Now, some poor family has to face the holidays without a family member.

  • i’m sorry for the girl but she can’t sing. it’s not a few notes, the whole performance was off-key. it would be ridiculous to let her compete. as far as how she presented herself – great job, but if you can’t sing, you can’t sing, period.

  • She found out her braces would not come off in time for the next season of AI auditions. She can’t sing, but it’s still sad when crazy people die.

  • Poor girl. It’s upsetting to watch her on the video. You see the crazy people on Idol and you laugh at them.. but then you find out that they’re REALLY crazy to the point where they’ll off themselves in front of a washed up celebrity’s house and it’s kind of sobering.

  • Simon and Randy laugh at the ones that can’t sing in front of these poor young adults, when all thier trying to do is to follow a dream. Instead of putting them down, they should just tell them in a nice way like “try taking some singing classes to better your voice and not to give up.” If the singing classses help you, then come back and give it another try in which we will be waiting on you. You have to give these young adults some hope. Don’t shatter something that they are interested in. Anybody can achieve thier goal if they want it that bad, even if it means going out there to get the help you need to better your dream. If Simon and Randy are not careful, we might be seeing more suicides. You could see the hurt in her face, and of course you could see she was off in the head a little. But they did not have to comment her by putting her down about her braces, her singing and shattering her dream. I’ve seen alot of the young adults really hurt, heartbroken, and deeply saddened where it makes them cry. And somebody might go crazy on them for the insults in which it could put thier life in jeopardy a well. Simon and Randy too need to be careful in what they say to these young adults because god does not like ugly, and he does work in mysterious ways.

  • oh jeez, that would be seriously the most traumatizing thing ever! Having a fan kill themselves outside your house, I mean.

    Sad story all around.

  • I think my comment has been moderated enough. These young adults are our future, and they are the ones that can make a difference for the better in this world. All they have to do is stay strong at the good decisions that they do make in life. To the young adults and children, never give up on your dreams. You can be anything you want because your young and you are stong. If you fail the first time whatever you do, never give up!!!!!

  • are we even positive this a Real woman?…i mean, she is total groshness! i send my regards and sympathy out to her poor family none-the-less. What a horrid situation regardless of my opinions.

  • halfpint tho.. singing is a talent. you either have it or you don’t. what good would it be, encouraging people with no talent to try to make it work in the industry? that would be setting them up for huge failure. if you love singing, that’s great, but if your voice sucks you will never make it.

    that’s like encouraging a plump 5’1” ugly kid to be a model. like, why? what’s the point?

    regardless, this is a sad story. and obviously this chick was off by the get-go. being canned on AI does not make normal people kill themselves.

  • The sad thing about this girl and many of the contestants is that Idol makes many of them sing the songs Idol chooses so they can have contestants look stupid. That’s why many of the contestants are shown singing the same lame songs.

    Then whatever they say is audited so that you don’t find out about that little ratings booster.

    This poor girl probably raided Abdul’s medicine cabinet and overloaded on whatever Abdul is taking before each show.