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Juicy Details to Come Out in the Idol Tell-All!


I’m hearing more information about the rumored “tell-all” that an American Idol ex-employee is writing. Here’s what the tipster is saying:

I was able to get a little more info for you regarding the new Idol employee tell all book. The medication/drug issues of Paula are going to discussed in detail and how she travels around the country during the auditions with at least 2 gallon size ziplock bags full of orange prescription bottles, as well as dozens of loose pills at the bottom of each bag.

Also how the producers of the show place “plants” during the audition process. These people have some sort of deal worked out with the show in which they avoid the audition process that everyone else must go through and instead they are ushered to the front of the line to register to audition for the judges. When they do this they are actually allowed to skip 2-3 rounds of auditions and go directly to the judging. Most of these “plants” are ushered by reps from 19 Management and/or major producers of the show.

And last but not least. The book is going to talk about how contestants are forced by the producers to sing certain songs during the weekly shows. If the producers do not like the way a certain contestant is singing a song or their song choice they will strong arm them into changing it. When they do this the producers usually make them sing an unknown or less popular song that the contestant does not feel comfortable singing and knows little about. The theory behind them doing is this is that they want to control the voting process and have certain contestants eliminated before others based on the voting at home. They feel that if contestants do a terrible job or sing a song that is not really known the public will vote them off.

The last two things are interesting, but really all I want to hear about is Paula’s drug problem. It fascinates me to no end. How have they not fired her?

Oooh, I hope this book does come out! And soon!

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  • What’s Ai’s response? Have they even issued a “its not true”?
    Also this is why you don’t piss off employees… and why you have them sign nondisclosures.

  • I just don’t believe it. I’m not being naive because I’m a fan of American Idol. I’ve never watched more than 2 episodes in my life. And those were auditions. But I really just don’t think all the shit this guy is talking is true.

  • Three words regarding Paula: Random drug testing. How this bitch can claim she’s sober when she’s slurring her words and making ZERO sense is mind boggling. She’s a total waste of space on that show. I can’t deal with this 4 judges format, too much yakking. Fire her ass already.

  • I’ve seen no episodes of this show, unless clips on the soup count, and even I know she’s high ALL THE TIME. She always seems happy, at least until she does a face plant into the table, so maybe this will be a good way to figure out the secret of her drug cocktail for future use.

    • So you’ve NEVER seen the show except for clips but you KNOW she is high ALL THE TIME….read that back to yourself a few times

  • I have always,always,always said about Paula—Pill popper, pill popper, pill popper ! I have known too many people who act in the way she does on tv. It ‘s just obvious.

  • Paula does Recreational pharmaceuticals? Say it ain’t so!!! On second thought… That explains her “straight up” video… I’ve danced with Jessica Rabbit and She-ra, and Daphne many times while under the influence of recreational pharmaceuticals….

  • Heck with Paula – it’s sadly obvious she is either on drugs of some sort or suffering from a undisclosed disease that affects her thoughts…

    I really want to know how official the ‘phone results” actually are…

    We know, if they are based on actual phone votes, then the selections are largely based on the jugdes opinions + the phone votes (judges opinion + fan popularity)

    But I seriously have to believe that the producers do have huge impact on who stays and who goes – regardless of talent.

    Anyone previously involved with a selection process like this – one that has so much oversight by those holding the purse stings – has to know there is more to the selection process than a simple phone poll.

    Why would they rely solely on ‘America’s Vote’ for something most of us are not really qualified to do? Hmm…. To keep us involved??

    Love the show, but I question the process!!

  • The show is a total fake. Surely no one believes the votes really count… Or that the judges’ comments are not scripted. Truthfully, though, once you accept it as a “reality tv show,” it’s a lot of fun. You can predict who’s going to go and when. The rocker chic prob won’t make it to the top ten, like Amanda last year. The reason they do the voting is to promote AT&T and their cheapie go phones. Product placement, big time, like the Coke and apple tech stuff. The voting ruse is to keep the viewer thinking they really are a part of the process. Duh.

  • God, you people are so gullible. Between you guys and the idiots at Vote For The Worst, I wonder if you ever get off the sofa. Your whole life is this goddamn show, and you’re desperate for gossip about it.

    Seriously, get a life. Nobody cares about some asinine gossip book. Or your site. Or sad people that have no success of their own, and who piggyback on the success of others by writing about them.

    You need help. Take a look at your life for a moment. Please, for your own sake.

  • she is really high. she was ok during the auditions and touring, but since the final 13, she is slurring and can not finish sentences.