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Is Paula Abdul An Addict Or Not? Can We Just Agree That She’s Mental And Call It A Day?

You may remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned a Nightline interview in which Paula Abdul offered up her medical records as a means to prove that she has never been addicted to anything.  She actually claimed she had never even been drunk which was a shame since that was the only explanation I previously had to explain her wardrobe.

Just a couple days ago, Beet told you all about how Paula was finally coming clean about coming clean.  She granted an interview to Ladies Home Journal in which she talked about how she could have killed herself, the pain of withdrawal and rehab.

Well now Paula claims that her comments were taken out of context.  Which I can totally see. Have you seen the way those hardcore bastards over at LHJ will twist facts just to sell magazines?  I can’t tell you how many “The Benefits Of Calcium” articles I had to read in their publication before I caught on to their malicious intent.

So the newest episode of Abdulmentia looks like this:  Paula called into Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning radio show today to debunk any addiction talk.  According to Abdul, she never told LHJ that she was addicted to painkillers and never said she went to rehab despite the magazine’s use of direct quotes.

Of course, in the same radio interview, she also said Kara DioGuardi is a “dear friend” so I think that right there proves she’s a liar.

Above:  video of Paula performing her new single ” Here For The Music” on American Idol last night.  Ironically, the performance was lip-synched.  It starts at the one minute mark.

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  • You know.. I know she’s a bit of a whackadoo, but I met her in Las Vegas and she was so unbelieveably nice, funny & cute that I cant help but adore her. And i promise you.. i hate everyone! :-)
    Cut her some slack, she’s harmless.

    • I was just going to say that. I love me some Paula but her lip syncing skillz need some work. I loved the choreography though.

  • Uh – now I’m ultra confused. I read years ago her statements of her injuries and use of pain meds. Maybe she didn’t actually use the word addiction, but she said that she took them over many years. I don’t know if you can do that without becoming addicted. Since she has had at least two serious injuries, one of which has required multiple surgeries, I don’t quite understand why she should keep contradicting herself (unless, obviously, she’s addicted, her judgment is affected and she’s ashamed).

  • i LOVED paula in the “straight up” and “emilio estevez” years, but now i just can’t help but be extremely annoyed with her, and annoyed at whomever convinced her that coming out with a single was the smart thing to do!

  • I’m completely annoyed and disappointed that she had the nerve to get on the American Idol stage, which is supposed to be about LIVE talent and did the Brittany lip sync. Yuck.

  • Come on people, this lady is almost 47 years old. She did more in her little gig than miss Brit does in hers. I give her kudos for going out there and doing the whole dance routine. I think that she did a supburb job!! At least I have heard her sing live before, therefore I know that she can do it….something that I can’t say for Britney.

    • and since this is the only AI related post….

      No Doubt’s performance last night really took me back to when I was 14, at summer camp, singing “just a girl” with all my gfs

      Talk about blast from the past!

  • aw no doubt played last night??

    uuughh and she’s using a pitch perfecter. it just means she CAN’T sing and they need to mechanically alter her pitch. exactly what they do with britney spears. it’s disgusting!

    • How do you know that she is using a pitch perfecter? She’s got some lings on her Paula is awesome cut her some slack. She is not the only one who hides the truth its her business and no-one elses!! Somethings need to be private put your self in her place……

  • “Have you seen the way those hardcore bastards over at LHJ will twist facts just to sell magazines? I can’t tell you how many “The Benefits Of Calcium” articles I had to read in their publication before I caught on to their malicious intent.”

    LOL! Soooo funny

    Oh, and for her credit, she didn’t say she went into rehab. She said she went to La Costa. It’s just a resort/spa/gold course here in CA. My sister used to work there. It’s definitely NOT rehab

  • No, we can’t agree because me thinks she’s an addict. Either that or she’s got some neurological disorder and the medicine she takes to control it makes its seem like she’s drunk all the time. Um, yeah.