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12Which Actor Got A Nose Job And Chin Implant?

don draper

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t hot anymore and men want to look like Jon Hamm, according to the latest plastic surgery trends. Details has some interesting stats on cosmetic procedures for men, including one unnamed famous actor who changed his “monster nose.”

In faces, as in fashion, what’s hot changes. Square jaws (think Jon Hamm, Michael Fassbender, Daniel Craig) are in, replacing yesterday’s pert-nose-and-dainty-chin combo (Leonardo DiCaprioZac Efron, Tobey Maguire). “There’s less of a desire now for a conventionally beautiful white-bread face,” says Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, an associate professor of plastic surgery at UCLA School of Medicine. “People are embracing strong features like ethnic, nontraditional noses.” For example, in lieu of full-on rhinoplasty, many men are balancing their naturally big noses with chin implants (which have recently spiked by 71 percent, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons) or opting to have their noses trimmed back.

“I did a rhinoplasty and a chin implant on a famous actor who had a monster nose and no chin. We left a bit of a bump in the nose, so it still looked like his, just a better version,” says Dr. Darrick Antell, assistant clinical professor of surgery at Columbia University. “No one, including the producer on his next project, noticed he’d had a nose job.”

Who do we think it is? Anyone want to make a guess? Our clues are “monster nose” and “no chin.” Which means that after the surgery he had a chin and a nose with “a bit of a bump left so it still looked like his.” I’m guessing Bradley Cooper, because f-ck it.

Also if you thought there was any chance in hell I was going to mention Jon Hamm in an article and not mention his dong, you’d be wrong.

April 19, 2013 at 5:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

12 Responses to “Which Actor Got A Nose Job And Chin Implant?”

  1. cat-face says:

    Adrian Brody? That Z List actor who’s in all the recent comedies (can’t remember his name but he has a weird face).

  2. Isabel says:

    Joe Manganiello has a HUGE nose. Gonna check out some recent pics of him.

  3. Lulu says:

    Ryan Gosling. His nose has definitely been re-done and his chin looks much stronger. No way did he age naturally from Breaker High to Drive.

  4. zombie says:

    Am I bored with everyone talking about Hamm’s dick. Like he is the only well endowed man on earth. Such a non issue.

    • Amalia says:

      I’ll never get bored of Hamm’s package period. My God, it is huge! If he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, he should put on some underwear and stop wearing tight, see-through pants!

  5. nicole peach says:

    Theo Rossi from Sons of Anarchy. A chin that seems unnaturally long….

  6. stacie says:

    Maybe it’s Robert Pattinson. I’m almost convinced that he got a nose job. Anyway, in five days, I’ll also have a rhinoplasty procedure performed by Dr. Jerome Edelstein at Edelstein Cosmetic because I want a smaller and more beautiful nose. My surgeon is very skilled and experienced and I hope he will help me achieve wonderful results. I just can’t wait for my new look! :D

  7. Amalia says:

    Dan Stevens’ (formerly of Downton Abbey) chin implant looks bizarre! Why did he do that? He was sporting a beard off and on in 2013 and now it’s obvious he was hiding incisions from the implant. In photos of Dan taken on set of the (Adam Sandler) movie “The Cobbler” you can see scars on Dan’s chin (since he shaved the beard off). He was so handsome in Season 2 of Downton. Lost too much weight and his chin is idiotic!

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