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Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm won’t be playing Dr. Strange

jon hamm

Apparently the rumour mill has been going strong when it comes to Jon Hamm, since it seems a lot of people think he’s been approached to play Dr. Strange in the upcoming Marvel movie. Well, sorry to disappoint, but it’s not happening.

From Digital Spy (via Movie Pilot):

“The funny thing about the internet is that you can have rumors go on about possible jobs and possible things that I had no idea about…maybe…I don’t know. You know, it’s funny when the internet knows more about you than you do, but…maybe the internet was talking to Marvel, I don’t know. (laughs) No, I certainly wasn’t approached by (Marvel), but I do like Dr. Strange. He’s a very cool, cool character.”

Well, okay, so maybe he WILL be playing Dr. Strange – at least it leaves the door open for him to be approached, anyway. Do you hear that, Marvel? Go get Jon Hamm!

I’m not familiar with the character so I don’t know whether he’d be a good fit for the role. What do you guys think?

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Can we talk about Jon Hamm’s ’90s hair?

jon hamm

Sometimes, something amazing is unearthed and unleashed on the internet and today is one of those days. Jon Hamm, everyone’s favourite Mad Men hunk, may be hot shit now, but turns out back in the ’90s he had a hard time getting the ladies and was turned down on some show called The Big Date.

I don’t even want to spoil this for you, so I think I’ll just leave this here and let you enjoy it in peace. THAT HAIR! Oh, Jon.

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Mad Men Fashion Post!

The cast of Mad Men got together at the Paley Center for Media’s PaleyFest 2014 honoring the show, but what’s really important is what they wore. Let’s take a look!

Sadly, my favorite January Jones wasn’t there. Not sure why. Maybe she’s shooting something. Like BIRDS IN HER BACKYARD, AM I RIGHT? (Mad Men joke, okay, moving on.)

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The Jon Hamm Dong Show Has a New Episode

jon hamm

Jon Hamm will never learn to wear underwear – that much is clear. You can look at his dong all you’d like and he’s still not going to protect his modesty. No, he’s a free man, a red-blooded American with the right to let his junk hang free wherever he may go! Besides, it’s your fault for looking! As he told Rolling Stone last year:

“They’re called ‘privates’ for a reason. I’m wearing pants, for fuck’s sake. Lay off.”

Yeah, lay off, pervs! Don’t at all pay any attention to Jon Hamm’s dong in the photo above as he goes out for a walk with his dog and his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt in Los Angeles this week. Get your minds out of the gutter and your eyes upwards!

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Jon Hamm Doesn’t “Get” Katy Perry; Tells Kids To “Get Off His Lawn”

Jon Hamm is 42 but he sounds more like he’s closer to 92, and fully admits to it. He says he doesn’t “get” current music like Miley Cyrus and One Direction (fair) but lumps Katy Perry into it (not fair). From Contact Music:

I’m getting older, I’m slowly morphing into that guy who stands on his lawn and shakes his fist and shouts, ‘Get off my lawn!’ All I can is that I don’t get Miley Cyrus, I don’t get Katy Perry, I don’t get One Direction … I don’t get why that’s a thing.

Let me tell you something, Hammy. Sir Mick Jagger, who is like WAY older than you, totally gets why Katy Perry is a “thing”…if you get what I’m saying.

I don’t think it’s fair to lump Katy in with One Direction. Also, ignoring that it’s Miley, “Wrecking Ball” is a great song. (Video, not so much.) Yeah, I said it.

Come. At. Me.

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Jon Ham On Don Draper: “He’s Despicable”


Jon Hamm‘s Don Draper may have a lot of fans, but Hamm isn’t one of them. He thinks the Mad Men character he plays is actually “despicable”. He totally has a point but he may also be a little pissed that in order to play Draper, he has to shave 2-3 times per day. Here’s what he told the Observer about Draper, via Huffington Post:

I am very cognizant that I am playing a character. Don Draper is a pretty dismal, despicable guy, so why I would want to take him home with me I don’t know … It’s a strange thing. People tell me they look up to Don, like they look up to Tony Soprano or Walter White [in 'Breaking Bad']. People have these weird fascinations with people who in reality you would not want to be for a second. There seems to be that vicarious thrill. Maybe it is the fact of doing everything wrong and getting away with it.

[Mad Men] has been a solid 25 percent of my existence on the planet. But that’s enough, I think.

don draper wtf cigarette gif

So yeah, Mr. Hamm is definitely ready to see Mr. Draper go. And we will all miss certain parts of him very much.

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Jon Hamm Still Isn’t Wearing Underwear


Jon Hamm is still letting his whole hamm fly solo. God I’m sorry I’m so immature. You may recall that the Mad Men costume people told him he needed to wear underwear because his dong is too big. Hamm didn’t like that, and he’s still not wearing underwear, as you can see in the above photo of Hamm on set, from Us Weekly.

On a slightly more serious note, I hope he’s feeling better. Best of luck, Hamm Dong.

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