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Justin Bieber Is Creepy As Hell

justin bieber mask

Justin Bieber decided to freak out the entire internet today by wearing this lovely Chanel ski mask. This is 10 times worse then the Australian wax celebrities. He punished the world with this photo via Instagram and with the caption,


Yes, he spelled Chanel as Channel. I think between this and hearing about his stupid fans, we’ve had enough Bieber for the weekend. I also think we need a palate cleanser. This should do it:

justin bieber bodyguard picking up

And yes, that’s a non-photoshopped image. It was taken that day Beebs lunged for a paparazzo and shouted, “l’ll f-cking beat the f-ck out of you, man!” and his body guard held him back.

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    • i like your honesty. and agreed. if anyone tells him “no”, he says “MINE!!!”

    • Perfect description of that pic! He acts like a 4 year old most of the time but he really looks like one next to that big man.

  • As a Canadian, I apologize profusely. We are raised better than this.

    And what’s with the pants half-off thing here? Is that really the style nowadays?

  • Pity the bodyguard held him back. It would have been sweet, sweet schadenfreude to see the little twat make a run for the photographer, get caught up in his diaper, and do a face-plant for all the world to see.

  • I ask this as a serious question, is he slow? There is something wrong with a 19 yr old who is as dumb and immature as this creature is. Arrested development X’s 10.

  • If you hadn’t said that masked photo was Justin Bieber I would have thought it was a girl.

  • Well just by posting this you made him little more famous. I would not even recognize him in that mask. So whats the problem. There are many Top Bands from Canada yet you choose to write about this kid. Pathetic.

    • You have a valid point, but you also have to realize that he is so prominent in celebrity entertainment news that if we don’t keep up and post about him, we’re behind. As much as we would like to, we can’t pretend that he doesn’t exist. But what we can do is post the stories about him that aren’t glowing and express what we feel and what the public currently feels about him, which is that he’s an annoying, self-entitled, and now creepy jerk who makes decisions that we can all roll our eyes at.