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Surprise! Justin Bieber Fans Don’t Know Who Anne Frank Is!

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In news that will surprise exactly zero people, the gravity of Justin Bieber‘s idiotic and self-centered comments in the Anne Frank House guestbook were sort of lost on his fans, who didn’t see what the big deal with and in fact don’t even know who Anne Frank is. Uh… WHAT?

The tots gathered at their playhouse (Twitter) and did themselves, Justin and the world at large proud by getting a very important topic trending: “Who Is Anne Frank”. I wish there were words in any language to describe my thoughts on the matter. For now, the following will have to suffice: ljasdklfjasjlaklsdf;asjfalkdf;k!!!!

Let’s see some of what his educated, culturally sensitive and all-around fantastic human followers had to say on the issue, shall we?

This is our future, guys. It’s fucking bleak. And in related news, Carrie star and too big for her britches teen Chloe Moretz has also come to Justin’s rescue, telling ET that people need to chill out, because he didn’t mean any harm and Anne Frank MAY HAVE BEEN A BELIEBER, you know! Oooookay.

“I very much respect Anne Frank and what she went through. [It] is a very serious situation and you know to make a joke of it sometimes is kind of inappropriate,” she explained.

“But at the same time you can kind of think of the angle, well you know, ‘You’ve got to bring light into those dark situations’.”

Moretz added: “I don’t know, a lot of people are Beliebers… maybe she would have been a Belieber.”

Nope. Sorry, just no.

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  • OMG, I’m appalled… I mean, if they can type stupid things like “can someone tell me who is Anne Frank? please tell mee” on twitter, I guess they just could’ve typed that in Google to get an answer… What a bunch of idiots!!!!! I hate Beliebers!!!!!! Hate hate hate them!

  • I’m not surprised. I don’t have high expectations from kids these days, there’s too much information available they only select stuff with little, or no substance

  • You do know that the first person to agree with Justin that Anne Frank would probably have been a Belieber was one of the people working at the Anne Frank House, right? Anne’s stepsister also agrees for similar reasons, namely that in addition to being a humanitarian icon and a Jewish hero…she was also a kid who was into pop culture and music. I’m surprised this is getting so much attention when the fact that he was fake-boxing in the basement of the Anne Frank House with his buddies is way more irreverent.

  • Good god! I dispair for the future, i really do. People these days seem almost proud of their ignorance. These dumbasses won’t even be embarrassed or ashamed that you’ve posted their comments, you just know they’ll be tw[a]tting their “friends” to check out their national exposure.People like this should be made to read and quote a history book @ gunpoint!

  • How sad for Anne Frank, I always try to remember how she wrote how she saw the good in people but these twitheads make me wonder how ignorant and oblivious some people have become and don’t care. Say and do anything for attention.

  • Do kids not learn anything in school anymore? Are books not read? If these people are always on Twitter why not at least GOOGLE Anne Frank and try to learn something?! If you have to ask who Anne Frank is then you obviously need some further educating.

    • agreed. in middle school we read the Diary of Anne Frank and took a field trip to the Holocaust Museum and in high school we went to the Holocaust Museum on a trip again…honestly I don’t know how you can get to 14 without knowing who Anne Frank is

  • Not surprised, unfortunately. I remember last year, around Titanic’s 100 year anniversary, Huffington Post did an article about people on Twitter saying shit like, “OHMYGOD I DIDN’T KNOW THE TITANIC WAS REAL.” What the fuck are they teaching in school these days? I guess major historical events/figures don’t pop up on the standardized tests. I fear for humanity. No doubt.

  • Schools now teach revisionist history and are so busy trying to teach to the standardized tests that education as we knew it is all but gone. The sad part is that the majority of morons tweeting things like that, the 14+ year-olds, will be able to vote in the next presidential election. I can see the future and, my friends, it’s fucked.

  • I wonder if justin ever googles “justin bieber is” just to see what auto-fills in. There’s nothing good. He’s such a douche. How does it not know what it is ??? Lol

  • “and too big for her britches teen Chloe Moretz has also come to Justin’s rescue,”

    I take it this is more “tongue-in-cheek” stuff rather than the cattiness it comes across as?

    Here’s an idea. Try watching the clip where Moretz had this idiotic topic thrown in her face during a red carpet interview. She didn’t come to anyone’s rescue. What she did was try not to take a side and get involved. She said some topics are really not to be joked about and then finished by throwing JB a bone so as not to look like she was attacking him.

  • ok I would punish my daughter if she was in her teens and did not know who Anne Frank was and call her a loser. I would ground her for a week I would remove all technology and tell her she could not leave her room and the only thing she can do is read Anne Frank’s Diary and book on the Jewish people effected by Hitler’s rain. Is she doesn’t feel guilty another week only this time she will only a book of pictures of what horrors Hitler was responsible for. I have rule I don’t talk about people I don’t know I specially don’t call people names who I never heard of and don’t know a single thing about its a clear sign that the person doing it is ignorant, stupid, and over all a bad person

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