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Zac Efron

Robert Pattinson did the ice bucket challenge with a hose and a metal sauce pan

robert pattinson ice bucket challenge

Robert Pattinson seems to shun all forms of social media – and probably for good reason – so it was up to his unlikely friend Zac Efron to share the video below of Rob doing the ALS ice bucket challenge complete with hose and sauce pan. Keep it classy, Rob:

This is kind of the best celebrity ice bucket challenge yet, simply because it’s so unexpected. He’s so awkward. Also, he “couldn’t find a bucket”? And they’re dumping a pan of ice cubes on him, which are then already on the ground by the time he gets sprayed down with the hose? I don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s cracking me up.

Also, the fact that he nominated Marilyn Manson MADE MY DAY. Please let Marilyn Manson do this shit. For all of our sakes.

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Uh, so… Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron are actually doing it

michelle rodriguez zac efron

Zac Efron has been spending time in Italy lately with some entrepreneur and Michelle Rodriguez and some other randoms. It seemed an unlikely group, but hey, Hollywood is weird and friends exist that you’d never expect. I never gave a second thought to Michelle and Zac being anything more than friends, but it seems they indeed are, as they’ve been caught kissing and canoodling and THIS IS SO WEIRD.

Can someone explain this pairing to me? Is this about drugs? It seems so bizarre – never in a million years would I have put them together even as friends, let alone as romantic partners.

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Zac Efron has some serious dance moves

zac efron

When you think of Zac Efron, it’s likely you don’t drift off into a reverie about his sexy dance moves. That is… until you see this video of Zac dancing on a makeshift runway to Jason Derulo‘s ‘Wiggle’ while in Italy with friends (one of whom was apparently Michelle Rodriguez). The video was posted by Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, who seems to know Zac for some reason or other that I can’t figure out.

You know, I don’t even want to taint this moment for you, so I’ll just allow you to watch and enjoy.

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