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Lindsay Lohan Thinks Coachella Is Way More Important Than Rehab

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Lindsay “LOL Are You F-cking Kidding Me” Lohan continues to shock and awe with her sense of entitlement and obliviousness to pretty much everything. Her biggest concern right now isn’t going to rehab, or the fact that she may have to face jail time instead of rehab because the facility her lawyer pleaded for doesn’t even exist. No. Ms. Lohan is freaking out that amidst all of her court-ordered punishment, she may miss the Coachella music festival. As a source told Radar, posted on the The Daily Mail for our delicious enjoyment,

Lindsay was adamant that she not be forced to go to rehab until after the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the Palm Springs area on successive weekends in April.

‘Lindsay loves going to the musical festival, and she’s determined to go this year.

She didn’t want a little thing like rehab to get in her way of attending. Lindsay refused to sign off on any deal that would have prevented her from going to Coachella, period. Yes, it’s that important to her, for some strange reason.

Oh my God. I don’t even refute this report. I fully believe that this is 100% true. Why? Because it’s clear that Lindsay “Is This The Real Life Is This Just Fantasy” Lohan doesn’t believe she’s done anything wrong.

Lohan: no one gives a f-ck if you go to Coachella. I know it’s a great opportunity for you and a bunch of celebs to wear bullshit like miniskirts made of feathers and headbands constructed out of stolen bird’s nests or whatever, but this really, really has to be at the bottom of your list this year. Whatever dude in a band you’re currently dating will have to understand if you miss his set. You may not even be together by then anyway, even though the first day of the festival is April 12, because that’s about two years in Lohan time.

Anyway, check out celeb ~~Coachella style~~ from years previous. Featuring Fergie, Ian Somerhalder, Solange Knowles, Vanessa Hudgens, model Chanel Iman, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, and Diane Kruger.


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  • anyone else see her going to the desert this year for one last hoorah, then never actually making it to rehab this time due to finally ODing? it could happen…. i feel bad for thinking that, then i remember she trained our brains to think this way by fucking up time and time and time and time and time and time AGAIN. GOOD LUCK, LINDSO, you’re gunna need it.