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Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Sucks And She May Go To Jail

lindsay lohan new mugshot

Lindsay Lohan might be really, really screwed. Her lawyer, Mark Heller, sucks so badly that he lied to her and bungled her plea deal. Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in a lockdown rehab facility, meaning she had to get treatment for 90 days straight, in rehab, with no day-passes or permission to leave for any reason until treatment was done.

But there’s a slight hitch in this plan. This lockdown facility doesn’t exist. At least not for people like Ms. Lohan. Lockdown rehab facilities are only available to felons, and Ms. Lindsay “Just My Luck Indeed” Lohan is not a felon. Her lawyer promised something that can’t be done. TMZ explains,

Everyone we spoke with says …there is only 1 rehab facility in New York that is truly lockdown, where patients cannot get out and guards keep them in — Willard Drug Treatment Campus, operated by NY’s Dept. of Correctional Services in collaboration with the Division of Parole.  In order to qualify for admission, the patient MUST have aprior felony.  Lindsay has never been convicted of a felony, so she doesn’t qualify — and this is according to Linda Foglia, the spokesperson for the NY State Dept. of Correctional Services.  Short story …. contrary to what Mark Heller told prosecutors, Lindsay cannot do lockdown rehab in New York.

Worst. Lawyer. Ever. I still don’t think though that she’ll wind up in jail.

BTW enjoy that new angle of Ms. Lohan’s latest mugshot. So Vogue.

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  • I can hear Shawn Holley laughing from across the United States.

    Bobby Brown just did 9 hours on a 55 day sentence. Is this kind of thing normal? Who is keeping the prison system so jammed up and overpopulated? Normal people? It seems like celebs are in and out before you can say “mugshot.” I mean, literally, if she had just taken jail time in a plea deal, she be OUT ALREADY. That’s what you get when you retain Lionel Hutz, Attorney at FAIL.

  • why shouldn’t she do jail time? silly bitch can just NOT do illegal things and she wouldn’t have to worry about the shit. why should she get a break at all???