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Someone Actually Wants LeAnn Rimes to Do A TV Show

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Is it safe to say that LeAnn Rimes doesn’t really have a career anymore? No, I know that she’s talented, and I know she still does shows, but we all know that several famous people refuse to quit reaching for the spotlight after their star has faded, and I think we can all agree that these days, LeAnn Rimes is known for her crazy face as opposed to her music. So why would someone want her to do a TV show?

Because someone wants her to do America’s Got Talent. Someone wants LeAnn Rimes to be a judge on one of those televised talent shows, just like Britney Spears and Mariah Carey before her. Can you even imagine? Did these people not watch her interview with Katie Couric?

For what it’s worth, Shannen Doherty and Carly Simon are also up for the job, so, you know. Yeah, no, I don’t either.

I’ll give them this though: I would watch LeAnn Rimes on reality TV for days. I would sit ever so still for hours upon hours, just watching the everlasting trainwreck that is LeAnn Rimes opening and closing her mouth while forming words. And I would love it. So good decision?

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  • Here’s the most interesting part of the story, “NBC spokesperson Sharon Pannozzo claims no such list of prospective judges exists — but our sources, and they’re good, say it does.”

    Now who could TMZ’s source be? Leann Rimes.

    She tweeted last week that she had received an offer and didn’t even know that she was being considered for it. Since major media outlets didn’t jump on it and of course she is being slammed for walking out on her fans early at a concert on Saturday, she decided to put out these stories.

    Leann fed TMZ information about “rehab” and her lawsuit. Since TMZ already has an existing relationship with Leann, then you know why they are saying that their source is reliable.

    Look at the timing. On the day that RHOBH airs(the show that features Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife), the media is suddenly slammed with reports about how Leann is being considered as judge on America’s Got Talent. Leann did this alot during the 2nd session of RHOBH. She would pull some stunt or blog about Brandi’s kids just hours before the show aired.

    We saw this very same thing happen with Leann, Xfactor, and x17. Leann tweeted how she was meeting with the producers of Xfactor and how they had contacted her. A “source” kept feeding x17 information about how Leann was being considered as a judge and was close to coming to a deal. Leann and Eddie gave interviews about how Leann was a good choice for the show. Simon gave an interview saying that Leann had contacted them(not that they had contacted her). Leann kept giving interview after interview about being a judge on XFactor. And then the job went to Demi and Britney. She also did the same thing with American Idol. She had one of her fans post on their blog that she was being considered for American Idol, but no one picked it up. And now she is doing it again. Except for this time she is using TMZ to spread the word.

  • Why would someone want Leann on their show? People don’t want Leann on their shows. She bullies them into giving her a spot just like we all witnessed her doing for All Access Nashville. Or has one of her “BFFs” pull some strings. She was bragging about being in Canada for a month, people were thinking that she was talking about working on a movie, but maybe that was her way of bragging about her new job on AGT. Why would AGT hire Leann when she has such a poor work ethic? This story comes out right after the internet is being slammed with stories about how she didn’t finish a concert.

    Someone said that this show films in NYC, so what is Leann going to do about babysitting Eddie? Drag Eddie with her? Or is this just another XFactor-x17 pr stunt? Where she puts this out there as a means to promote her album?

  • What a “source”(aka LEANN RIMES) told x17 In March:

    “LeAnn Rimes is getting close to nabbing a judging spot on The X Factor, X17online can report exclusively.

    Sources involved with the negotiations say that the 29-year-old songstress spent all day yesterday in a meeting with the X Factor producers. We’re told it was a “great meeting.”

    Although Simon Cowell was not present in the meeting, we’re told he had a hand in getting LeAnn to sit down with producers.

    The “How Do I Live” singer has eighteen years of experience in the music biz, a huge fan base and deep roots in country. Being the youngest Grammy winner in history at the age of 14, seems like she’s exactly what The X Factor needs.

    -X17 EXCLUSIVE – LeAnn Rimes In Negotiations For X Factor Judging Spot

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