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Let’s Check in on that Kim Smiley Person Again, Shall We?

In case you’ve been caught unawares this morning and have no idea what I’m on about, Kim Smiley is the name of the California-based schoolteacher that’s partially responsible for LeAnn Rimes‘ check-in to a treatment facility for Twitter-related compulsions. And general looniness.

After Twitter (and telephone) conversations were leaked to the media, presumably by Smiley herself, LeAnn not only went to rehab, but she began the proceedings for a nice, hefty lawsuit against Smiley for defamation and recording private conversations (which, suffice it to say, is still an illegal thing, last I checked).

Now that you’re updated, here’s the deal, from Radar Online:

In an impassioned new interview, Kim Smiley said she had thought about the possibility of trying to settle the lawsuit and then rejected the idea.

“My husband and I talked (about settling the suit) and we both feel that it’s important to clear our names. If it was just about recording the call, that’d be different, but she’s claiming harassment, and that I caused her to go to ‘rehab,'” Smiley told Radar exclusively.

What’s more, Rimes will be in for some unpleasant surprises in litigation, claims Smiley who adds that one high-powered lawyer she spoke to said that Rimes “has no case, as did all of the other attorneys I spoke with. They said she’s not going to like or want what’s going to come out.”

But Rimes is not at all concerned about that, a source close to her told Radar. “She’s obviously decided to go ahead with the lawsuit and if she was worried about what was going to come out she wouldn’t have filed the lawsuit.”

“Her actions, beyond the affair (with Cibrian), have created all of the negativity & she will have to accept that at some point, or start ignoring it all.”

But the source close to Rimes point out other negative comments about LeAnn do not provide justification for more.

Smiley still has not retained a lawyer and was granted a two week extension by Rimes’ powerhouse attorney Larry Stein. Smiley was reacting to Radar questions asking if she would consider settling this suit. No settlement has been offered.

Despite the fact that she is struggling to raise funds to fight the lawsuit, Smiley is incensed by Rimes’ actions.

“I think that she is using her status and money to try and shut us up,” Smiley told Radar. “She knew about the recording in March, she could’ve sent a cease and desist (letter), but instead she chose to plan a ‘rehab’ stunt and lawsuit, a day after celebrating her birthday for an entire month.

“She gave exclusives of her birthday party to People magazine. She didn’t seem stressed. She saw this as an opportunity to get those who she thinks are close to Brandi. Funny thing, I’ve never talked to Brandi, never DMd (direct messaged), never texted, emailed (or sent a) FB message, smoke signals….nothing.”
Asked if the narrow scope of the lawsuit, focusing on the allegedly taped phone call concerned her, Smiley told Radar it did not.

“It (the suit) also alleges harassment and conspiring! She had NO expectation of privacy calling me from a restaurant in Malibu Country Mart with two Twitter friends listening,” Smiley said.

But the source in Rimes’ camp says that simply is not true and points out that lawsuit is for only two things: invasion of privacy and recording a phone call without Rimes’ consent.

“It’s funny that her rep said it was absurd (to allege) that she kept a list of enemies, yet she knew very private details about my life, she chose to call me, and she’s randomly tweeted me,” Smiley told Radar.

“She had (name withheld) follow me and send her all of my tweets, DMs, and texts that I sent (name withheld) at first.” That person told Rimes she would no longer continue to do that at some point, Smiley says. Ericka said she told her no after a while.

And whose idea was the phone call that led to the lawsuit? Was it LeAnn’s or the Twitter pals who were with her?

“I believe it was LeAnn’s idea,” Smiley said. “She thought I’d be ‘charmed’ by her and just come ‘hang with her!’ She never expected I’d stand my ground. In fact (name withheld) said, she said ‘I wouldn’t have called her if you told me she would say those things!’ (Name withheld) said she was mad and even crying at one point.”

So. Are you wondering what LeAnn’s been up to, then, lately? Well, her grandmother died over the last few days, which is always sad news. And also, guys, she’s “so proud” of the cheese, apple, and mustard breakfast sandwiches that she made yesterday morning, so there’s that.

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  • Rimes has NO SHAME (a growing concern in today’s society) so she WON’T care or will deny anything that shows her in a negative light. She lives in her narcissistic bubble. This woman-child is completely mental and I would run FAR AWAY from anyone that says otherwise

  • Don’t forget that Leann has also been stalking her cheating husband on the set of Hot In Cleveland. So once again she confirms that her “dental drama” was an excuse to keep an eye on her husband. And the sad part is that she continues to post photos of herself smiling.

    I was wondering how long it would before Leann started tweeting to the other co-stars or taking photos with them. Poor Leann Rimes, she has to babysit her husband while he is “working” because his cheating has gotten that bad.

    And now she is on twitter bragging about how her and Eddie’s house will be featured on another episode of her friend’s show. What a great way to ruin HGTV! Leann has to pay for those expensive trips for Eddie and his mistress somehow. So look forward to another great episode of Leann telling everyone how great her life with Eddie is because she and her BFF rearranged their home, just like last year when Eddie was “working” in Chicago on the set of The Playboy Club and Leann bought in hrt BFF to show everyone that Eddie wasn’t cheating because she and her BFF rearranged and decorated their condo!

  • Can someone please explain how one day Leann is in SEVERE pain and then days later this SEVERE pain has completely stopped so that Leann is able to make mustard sandwiches, stalk Eddie on the set of Hot In Cleveland and smile really big as she stands next to Betty White, rearrange furniture with her BFF because she is in the process of filming an episode for her BFF’s HGTV show to prove to everyone that Eddie hasn’t moved out of their house, post another blog entry, tweet about a grandmother she only meet 2 times, and of course post even more photos to that fanwebsite?

    Leann is “rearranging” because Eddie has moved out of their hosue. She bought duplicates of Eddie’s stuff because she can’t admit that her marriage to Eddie was a failure. And you know that she paid Eddie very well to keep up this frace too. So how long before the media catches on to the fact that Eddie and Leann’s marriage is over?

  • “She knew about the recording in March, she could’ve sent a cease and desist (letter)”

    This woman admits the specifics of what she did. It is illegal, so she’s in trouble. Yet she keeps throwing fits about how the other party could’ve reacted differently, which is not in her control, and pointless to talk about. None of her ranting beyond that means anything helpful for her.
    No actual lawyer will say there is no case here, so that “high powered lawyer” who has not been hired by them is probably imaginary. And if there was no case and no worries, why all the ranting?
    This serves as an excellent warning for everyone else though, so there’s that. Who would court trouble like this? No pun intended. :)

    • California is only one of 12 states that require all parties involved give consent for the recording of a telephone call… Most states only require that one of the people involved are aware….in the state I live I’m free to record any telephone call I am party too, without notifying the other person. If Smiley was out of state when she recorded it she may prevail….

      • I had that same thought myself! Unfortunately, Ms. Smiley was probably very much in California at the time of the exchange. I don’t know what the penalty is for breaking this law, but it probably isn’t too rough. I’d take the rap, do the jail time or community service…and keep right on dissing Rimes all over the internet and not miss a beat. Hell, I’d even notify the press so they could come with me during my community service and I would just blab away about what a douche Rimes is while I pick up candy wrappers and cigarette butts! There’s not a single thing LeAnne Rimes can do to stop her!

  • It’s funny how Leann is suing someone for invasion of privacy, when she invaded Brandi’s privacy by allowing her fans to read Brandi’s emails to Eddie and listen to Brandi’s voicemails to Eddie without asking Brandi’s permission, allowed her fans to look at Brandi and Eddie’s custody agreement, told her fans details about Brandi’s body, posts photos of Brandi’s kids to her twitter page and to a website she is using to promote her album, invites the paps to Brandi’s son’s schools and soccer games, posts photos of her home to a public forum(Seriously, if she is going to sue someone about a phone call, then it’s not a good idea to post magazines with her address on them or post twitpics showing her front door with the name “The Cibrian Family” on a pumpkin), pap herself out to GSI and Fame/Flynet 2-3 times per week, post photos of her and Eddie doing “intimate” things(kissing, grabbing her breast in the NoH8 photo, laying on top of Eddie without a bra/bikini top, etc…), or tweet photos of her BFF JP “rearranging” her home. Leann doesn’t even respect her own privacy.

    If Leann wants people to take this lawsuit seriously, then she needs to remove all the photos of Brandi’s kids from her twitter page and her fan website. If she can’t respect the privacy of two little children, then why would the courts give her that same consideration in this case against the teacher?

  • What everyone seems to be leaving out the story is the fact that Leann called the teacher 1 or 2 days after she had been photographed making out with Lizzy while Eddie watched and while Brandi and Eddie’s kids sat a few feet away from them.

    During that vacation with the kids, Leann took various photos of herself all over Lizzy and then of Eddie kissing her cheek. At the time she posted the twitpics several people pointed out that Leann, Eddie, and Lizzy were wasted. The following day, The Dailymail releases photos showing Leann and Lizzy making out while Eddie and cheered it on and took photos and several photos of the alcohol they were drinking during this make out session on the balcony. When Leann saw the negative reaction to this photo-op and the fact that many people were slamming her for doing this while the children were present, she flipped out and tried to deflect by throwing Brandi under the bus. Hence the phone call to the teacher, who Leann thought was responsible for drawing attention to the fact that the kids were on vacation with Leann and Eddie when all this took place. The phone call had nothing to do with making amends with her “hater” because by that logic, how come Leann didn’t call the other people from twitter/FB and blogs who were slamming her?

    The point the teacher is making is that once again Leann is a liar. If she was as stressed out as she claimed, why did she party the entire month of August and parade around in bikinis when she knew the tape existed?

  • Leann and her fans are upset because they think that Jason Alden’s affair was swept under the rug. Poor Leann, she is being oh so “persecuted” because she fell in “love” with a married man who called her a speedbump while other cheaters are “given” a free pass. The major difference between Leann and the other cheaters like Jason Aldean is that the other cheaters didn’t spend so much time and energy glorifying what they did. I’m not saying that what Jason Aldean and Kristen S did was wrong, just that if Leann hadn’t been so eager to rub her affair with Eddie in Brandi’s face from the time she started sleeping with Eddie until now, things would have been very different for Leann. Leann has an entire website dedicated to her album, which is about her affair with Eddie and she makes matters worse by posting photos of the two little boys whose family she helped to ruin or bragging about how she allows the boys to listen to songs about how she was sleeping with their father while married to their mother. Didn’t Jason Aldean’s mistress close her twitter account? And after the affair was exposed, she didn’t cancel more engagements so that she could be spotted with Jason Aldean at basketball games or the golf course.

    What also makes Leann different from these other cheaters is that Leann recruits her fans, staffmembers, and friends to harass and stalk Eddie’s ex-wife. How many cheaters have done this? Did Jason Aldean’s mistress open up a twitter account which was then used to stalk and harass his wife? No. But Leann did. And then Leann wants to sue for invasion of privacy even though she continues to posts photos of kids who don’t even belong to her to a public site.

  • This is what the famewhore that is Leann tweeted this morning, “If you come down with the violent stomach bug both Eddie and I had this week, not moving from bed for a solid 24 hrs and honey boo boo child youtube clips will help you get back on your feet. ”

    Leann made Mustard sandwiches this week, so it’s no surprise that Eddie has had a “violent stomach bug” too this week. She is so desperate to hold onto Eddie that now she is physically hurting Eddie just to keep him from leaving her and going out with his mistresses or spending time with his kids without her for fear that he might hook up with another woman. Leann and Eddie are remaking “Misery”.

    Where was this “violent stomach bug” when Leann was stalking Eddie on the set of Hot In Cleveland and posing with Betty White or when Leann and her BFF were rearranging their house for an episode of her BFF’s HGTV show? There is always something wrong with Leann. She claims to be “sick” and then she parades before the paps/snaps twitpics of herself like nothing ever happened or does things that contradict her sickness story like rearranging her house and fliming for HGTV. Why do her fans always fall for her fake illness stories? Leann is sick, yet look at how much she is tweeting just to generate “sick” stories because she is being overshadowed by Justin and Jessica’s wedding.

    Why did she go out of her way to annouce how she was spending 24 hours in bed? So that her fans could ask about her and Eddie’s sex life? The things she is reduced to doing because her husband is cheater.

    I was wondering how long before Leann jumped on the Honey Boo Boo wagontrain. So now she is reduced to using Honey Boo Boo to get attention.

  • Just when you think the famewhore that is Leann Rimes can’t possibly stoop any lower… This morning she tweeted that she was going to be spending 24 hours in bed because she is oh so sick, but now she is tweeting about how she is picking out outfits to wear for the interview that she set up with Katie Couric for tonight. Funny how her illnesses always have a way of clearing up like that. So in addition to filming for HGTV, she and her BFF were rearranging her home because it’s going to be featured in a special Katie Couric and 20/20 interview. Which is odd, why would Leann allow ABC, 20/20, and Katie Couric to film her home, Eddie, and Brandi’s kids when she is suing someone for invasion of privacy?

    Why is Katie Couric even interviewing Leann anyway? That’s right because Katie C, 20/20, and ABC made the mistake of excluding Leann from their All Access Nashville 20/20 special. In the article it mentions Taylor, Reba, Miranda, and Carrie, but NO Leann. How dare ABC, 20/20, and Katie exclude Leann from their All Access Nashville special. She will show them. With one phone call from Leann’s lawyer, Leann has a “special” interview with Katie to showcase her home because that is what people do when they have a case pending on invasion of privacy1

  • Poor, poor, Leann. She was so “sick” yesterday that she called up her pap friends and set up a staged photo-op of herself out and about LA smiling as she geared up for her interview with Katie. The fact that she set up a staged photo-op isn’t at all surprising, Justin and Jessica wedding and Adele giving birth were the top topics and Leann couldn’t stand that she wasn’t the center of attention. What is surprising is the fact that her fans continue to believe Leann when she says she is “sick” and then she sets up a staged photo-ops that shows otherwise. Why does she continue to deceive her fans like this? It’s funny that since no one was paying attention to her tweets about her interview with Katie, she had to set up a staged photo-op to alert the press about it. What a famewhore.

      • You would know all about having to take a step back from the keyboard since you do this how many times on several sites?

      • Your hypocrisy is just so amazing. You go on and on on Amy Grindhouse, so are you really in a position to talk about anyone. Are we going to be lucky enough to see you finally move on with all the hate you have been posting about Kim Smiley and this lawsuit? How many sites do you visit a day to talk about how Kim Smiley is the villian because she is a teacher and should know better?

      • And being able to see another side of a story does not equal “hating”. There really is something very wrong with you.

    • Says the person who takes the time out of her “busy” day just to make a comment on a gossip site telling someone to move on. Doesn’t that just defeat the purpose? The sad thing is that you are probably posting the very same thing to other posters.

      • It is only YOU that behaves that way. And you are the only one that goes around ranting continually on multiple sites. If we AGREED with your behaviour we wouldn’t criticize it. You need a brainscan of some sort.

  • @CranAppleSnapple

    You are forever the victim. You make hypocriticial statements and then when people point out how you are guilty of the things you are trying to lecture someone else on, you whine about how it’s someone else who is “ranting” or doing the bullying. How do you know what is going on on these multiple sites? Because just like I and everyone else has stated, you are there posting and ranting despite the fact that you want to pretend that you don’t do this. Based on what you are posting about Kim Smiley and this case on every site, you have no room to criticize anyone. Why are you always ranting about Kim Smiley and this lawsuit on multiple sites?If people agreed with your behavior and your obsession with Kim Smiley, no one would criticize it.

    It’s you who needs a brainscan of some sort, why do you make all these nonsense statements claiming that it’s others who acts like this when everyone can clearly see everything that you post? On Amy G didn’t you also go crazy calling one celeb a C****? Yet you claim that it’s everyone else had the problem?

  • @CranAppleSnapple

    You have done that and you continue to do that. Just look at what you posted about Kim in this thread. You are completely insane and no one is confusing you with anyone ELSE. Are you saying that someone used your name to make those posts about Kim Smiley on Amy Grindhouse?

    • I have never thrown HATE at Smiley. I have never ranted for page after page about ANYbody.
      Probably because I’m not TWELVE.
      I have said that Smiley has made trouble for herself, like I did here, above. She HAS. I said it here once, and at Amy’s once.

      Everyone only need read YOU above, right here, to see you rant for 5000 words about the minutia of Rimes’ life. Like a crazy stalker, which apparently you must be. And you do it over and over for days. And as you saw, I wasn’t the only one to notice.

      You and I are NOTHING alike. I REACT once in a blue moon when I see YOU go on for 5000 words, attacking people on multiple sites. Because it’s STUPID and ANNOYING.

      When I pointed out what you do, all you did was throw it back at me, like a child, using my own turn of phrase, accusing me of being LIKE you. But that doesn’t make it TRUE about me. I do not behave like you.
      I’ve said very little on Amy and here about Rimes, and these are the only sites where I’ve had conversations about it. And I only have one nickname, unlike YOU.

      “On Amy G didn’t you also go crazy calling one celeb a C****? Yet you claim that it’s everyone else had the problem?”

      No. Amy is usually a fun site like this one, and I don’t generally get angry there. Or crazy. You will be twisting and exaggerating something for effect, as you do.
      And who is “everyone else”? You have a repeated problem with exaggeration, that just turns all your thoughts into bullshit.

      This site is awesome, you are the only crazy, and I will just keep ignoring you like I usually do. You are not worth effort, but for real, think about WHY you rant all day about Rimes. How can it possibly be good for you?

  • You seriously think that you are “seeing another side of the story” by going to site to site making posts depicting Kim Smiley as a villain? You are not being equal because everytime something happens with the BBs or someone says something about Leann Rimes that you just don’t approve of, you make posts like the 5 posts that you have left today. There really is something very wrong with you. I was counting down the time to when you and these “you are too invested” posters would make an appearance because we haven’t seen you do this before, right?

    So how many posts are going to make this time because you “don’t” rant on multiple sites and you are “not” crazy? Check out the comments on Perez Hilton about the articles on the lawsuit. And CranAppleSnapple claims that she isn’t on other sites ranting? She even made the same comment about how if Kim really had a case that she would have a lawyer by now. But she “doesn’t” rant!

  • CranAppleSnapple

    Are you still posting? But you “don’t” rant and rave. That’s odd, you “don’t” rant and rave, yet here you are yet again just like you did several months ago. Now that your actions are being called into question, you want to claim that someone is making posts in your name?No one is using your name to make posts on Perez Hilton. You made the post. Maybe you should learn to practice what you preach!

  • @CranAppleSnapple

    Do you post as Samigirl on CB?

    This site is awesome, you are the only crazy, and I will just keep calling you on your hypocrisy like I usually do when you attempt to pretend that you are not doing the things you try to lecture others on. You are not worth effort, but for real, think about WHY you rant all day about Rimes, Kim Smiley, or anytime someone says something about Leann you don’t like. How can it possibly be good for you?

    Do you forget what you do on these others sites or are you just playing dumb? You have thrown HATE at Smiley, the posts are there for all to see. You have ranted for page after page on ANYBODY, look at what you are doing now and all the comments that you have made about this lawsuit on other sites.You are TWELVE, it’s why you are still posting even after you declared that you don’t “rant” on these sites. Of course you and I are NOTHING alike, you say one thing and then do other. When called out on hypocrisy you go berserk.

    You don’t REACT once in a blue moon, it’s why you have left many comments on various sites about Smiley and this lawsuit. As evidenced by the posts you are leaving here and on other sites, YOU do go on for 5000 words, attacking people on multiple sites. If you thought it was STUPID and ANNOYING, you wouldn’t have bothered to come back and make even more posts.

    Now let’s think about this. When you point out what others are doing, why do you seem to think that your own rules can’t be applied to you? It’s not acting like a child. It’s common sense. If you are going to lecture someone, then you had better have the sense not to be caught doing the very thing you are trying to lecture someone else about. It does make it TRUE about you. Look at how you are acting now, and you want everyone to believe that you are not on other sites doing this? The fact that you came back and made 2 more posts greatly contradicts what you are saying. You can’t even control yourself now.

    This week you have said very little on Amy and here about Rimes, but as we can all see by the posts on those sites, you are commenting. You have only one nickname just like you “don’t” rant on other sites, right?

    And as usual you continue to play the victim. No one is exaggerating or twisting anything for effect. You said what you said, own it, and take responsibility. If you can’t accept responsiblity for your actions, then you need to learn to control your anger. You have a repeated problem with exaggeration and playing the victim, that just turns all your thoughts into bullshit.

      • Didn’t CranAppleSnapple say that she only REACTS once in a blue moon? So she posts here more frequently than what she is letting on. What’s weird is how she is constantly trying to lecture others even though she is guilty of the these things. She is posting some really mean things about Kim S and this case on other sites, so it’s odd that she would be here throwing this tantrum when everyone has witnessed everything that she has said and done.

  • Don’t you love how when you call CranAppleSnapple on what she does on other sites that she goes nuts and claims that it’s all lies, exaggerations, and that people are twisting the facts? She did this several months ago on this site, what exactly did she think was going to happen? That people were going to forget that she has been spending her time and energy going from site to site making HATE posts about Smiley? She was the one who posted the comment the comment about Smiley doesn’t have a case because if she did she would have a lawyer by now, so now that it’s revealed that she made the same comment on Perez Hilton, she writes a paragraph trying to convince everyone that she is so above it all. If she was above it all, she wouldn’t have even bothered to make the 7 posts that she made. She loves playing the victim and when she can’t get the sympathy she claims everyone else is bullying or attacking her.

  • This is what I mean, CranAppleSnapple lectures others on posting and ranting, yet after she made the posts here she went to another site and made hate posts about Brandi and stalked another poster because she thought that the poster was me!

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