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LeAnn Rimes Has “Successfully Completed” Rehab

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Let’s see, LeAnn Rimes went into rehab at the very end of August. She spent about a week giving lots of quotes about being in rehab, but by September 7th, she was out doing concerts. A couple of weeks later, she was still doing shows outside of rehab, and just yesterday, she tweeted this picture of her face looking pretty different than it used to look.

But you guys, in the middle of all that business, she managed to complete rehab! Yay, LeAnn!

LeAnn Rimes walked the red carpet with her family Thursday night and RadarOnline.comhas exclusively learned that she has completed her treatment for “stress” and “anxiety.”

The 30-year-old singer entered a treatment facility in August to cope with her issues, many of which she claimed stemmed from her on-line Twitter battles with people critical of her marriage to Eddie Cibrian.

Her rep told that her stint at the center was complete, saying “Yes she has finished her stay at the treatment facility.”

During her stay at the facility LeAnn was permitted to leave on several occasions for work engagements and recently attended the VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s Songwriter’s Music Series in Napa, Calif.

As has been reporting, the country singer became so angry at one of her Twitter followers, she phoned her to give her a piece of her mind.

The call was allegedly recorded and subsequently ended up online, and now LeAnn is suing the woman, a teacher, for invasion of privacy.

And even though we’ve also reported that LeAnn’s husband Eddie “hates Twitter and doesn’t want LeAnn to be on there and writing so much,” she has been sporadically writing on the social media site since beginning treatment.

“Family time!” she wrote on her Twitter page on Friday.

What was even the point of the whole “rehab” storyline in LeAnn’s life? It didn’t gain her any sympathy, like, at all. It doesn’t really make sense that it was just an excuse for her to be hidden away while getting plastic surgery, because she never really went away. I think we can all agree that LeAnn’s rehab is bullshit, but for what reason?

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  • Leann went to “rehab” to save face. She was backed up against the wall after that whole recorded phone call incident and in order to make her lawsuit seem believable she went to rehab for phoney anxiety. Such B.S. Mental illness is not something to fake in order to garner sympathy. From the looks of her face she had plastic surgery done under the guise of treatment. It was very nice for those 2 1/2 weeks she was away. I didn’t miss one of her lame staged bikini shots.

  • Why would LeAnn cook up the “rehab” story?

    To force media outlets, tabloids, and blogs into posting only nice things about her and her marriage to Eddie. She has an album and single to promote. Unfortunately, the sympathy card did work on several media outlets and blogs. Very few are fact checking what they post about Leann or the twitpics she is posting(in one of her photos you can clearly see that Eddie is forcing his son to hold up his arm to make the mustache, yet every single blog that posted about the photo painted them as a happy family and ignored the fact that Eddie has a tight grip on the child’s arm). It’s being widely accepted by several blogs and news outlets that Leann completed a 30 day treatment. She set up a photo-op with Brandi’s kids and posed with Taylor and only about 5 media outlets and blogs called her on her famewhoring.

    Leann is using the “rehab” story as platform to promote her album and tour. Did you see the interview that she gave to Boston Herald over the weekend? It was all about rehab, rehab, rehab and how much fun she had at rehab and how rehab has taught her to be herself because she felt like a woman with tape over her mouth. So this is what she is going to use to get interviews on Ellen, The Talk, The View, Rachel Ray, GMA, E, and etc…

  • Why would LeAnn cook up the “rehab” story?

    To help her lawsuit. Although in the interview that she gave to Boston Herald over the weekend, she says that she has been in rehab all her life. Why is she giving interviews about her fake rehab stint when she has a lawsuit? Does this signify that she won the case, dropped the case, or that she settled with the teacher?

    Plastic surgery. She definately had some work done while she was in “rehab”. She changed her hair color and hairstyle to match Brandi and Lizzy. Some people are even saying that she changed her eye color with contacts. She put on weight, but I wonder if she has been taking steroids and that is how she got her weight back up.

    To hide the fact that Eddie is cheating on her. She played the sympathy card and it worked. None of the media outlets were willing to expose Eddie’s affairs because Leann was in “rehab”. Sure they talked about it, but once she went into rehab all the people who were going to come out and talk about Eddie’s affairs disappeared. So it’s also likely that during “rehab” Leann paid off her husband’s mistresses.

    To guilt Eddie into not leaving her. Eddie’s rep is already bad, but think how bad it would have gotten for him had he walked out on Leann while she was in rehab.

  • Leann has had another relapse today. When people leave rehab they don’t go back to doing the thing that they got treatment for right? So why is Leann still tweeting and oversharing? Because she wasn’t in rehab, just a spa. She posted yet another photo of herself with a tattoo of a butterfly in honor of kids who killed themselves due to bullying. She will do anything to keep her name and face in the press. She didn’t do this for kids who killed themselves for bullying. Leann put the bufferfly on her arm and tweeted a photo of it because Anne Hathaway and Arnold’s affair with Brigette are dominating the media and Leann feels that she has to be the one at the center at all times. Since her interview about how she liked rehab didn’t get much attention(only minor media outlets are posting about it), she did what a famewhore had to do. Exploit someone else and then publicize it, who wants to bet that she paid People magazine to write another fluffpiece about the tattoo? If Leann truly cared about bullying then she would drop the lawsuit and apologize for those things she said about Brandi during her phone call to the teacher.

    I wish the media would call Leann out on her hypocrisy. How can she be an advocate against bullying when she and her lawyer are the #1 bullies? Her lawyer bullied the media and now they are all afraid to call Leann out on her nonsense.

  • Leann is such a famewhore. Once again she uses a cause to promote herself. She drew the butterfly on her arm just so that she could get her name and face in the press. Her manipulation worked. The Dailymail wrote a fluffpiece about her butterfly tattoo and then they turned into the ultimate Leann piece by going on to talk about Leann’s other tattoos, which were dedications to her and Eddie’s “love”. Will anyone call Leann out for using the butterfly campaign to promote herself and her album? This is getting sick.

  • i find nothing wrong with leanne’s life! if she is happy with her life, leave her alone. nothing affects the public, so why is everyone so angry with her?
    isn’t kim k more annoying? she’s famous for a porn film, has no artistic skills, and is a fame whore.