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LeAnn Rimes Looks … Different

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And it’s not just the cat ears, guys.

So yeah. “Rehab,” huh? Are we sure we didn’t do a little housekeeping while away? A little facial-freshening? Because something definitely, definitely looks quite different, and I just can’t put my finger on what it is.

Thoughts? Is LeAnn tidying up on the DL? Am I even allowed to say “DL” anymore, or has that become passé?

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  • I think when you look at Leann’s face now, you aren’t seeing much (if anything) that you saw 10 years ago. Which is too bad, because I thought she was really pretty.

  • Of course Leann had work done, her husband doesn’t like her or the way she looks. She looks like Liz, the woman who goes everywhere with her and Eddie, including on their honeymoon. It’s a shame, if she was in rehab like she claims, why is she back to her old habits of posting photos of herself to twitter to convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating on her because she is “sexy” and alert the paps of where they can find her and Eddie with her kids, oops I mean Brandi’s kids?

  • She actually seems to look a little bit more like Brandi in this picture. I know it’s an insult to Brandi but I’m seeing something similar in this photo.

  • Are her eyes brown or does she always wear colored contacts? I thought she had lighter eyes. Maybe it’s the darker hair or something.

  • Rehab did nothing for Leann because in addition to tweeting and posting photos of herself to twitter and her blog, she is still lurking on these sites and reading everything that is being posted about her. After many people pointed out that her rehab stint was a big hoax because she has been tweeting and giving interviews the entire time, she and her rep gave Radaronline an exclusive about how she has finished treatment. How can she finish her stay at rehab/facility when she NEVER went to rehab/treatment facility?

    This is the funniest part of Radaronline’s article about Leann’s exclusive interview with them: “And even though we’ve also reported that LeAnn’s husband Eddie “hates Twitter and doesn’t want LeAnn to be on there and writing so much,” she has been sporadically writing on the social media site since beginning treatment. “Family time!” she wrote on her Twitter page on Friday.”

    Several sites are hinting at how there is something sketchy about her rehab stint, but none of them are brave enough to expose Leann for the liar that she is.

    For someone who claims that she was cyberbullied, why was Leann photographed at the Batmain Live event with Taylor Armstrong from RHOBH? Leann thinks that this lawsuit makes it okay to do whatever she wants

  • I think she does look a little better here, just dislike her expression. She is one who can benefit from facial plastic surgery if she doesn’t go overboard with it.

  • No surgery on her eyes. She’s just trying to open her eyes wider. Sorry girl, you still have that squint eye.

    What she needs is to get away from the papparazzi, twitter and all that stuff. Just seclude herself for a few months, but everyone knows she cannot because she loves whoring herself out to the public. If no one is watching her for 2 days, she’ll die.