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LeAnn Rimes is Out of Rehab Already and Everything’s Totally Fine Now

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From People:

LeAnn Rimes said she couldn’t ignore “the elephant in the room” on Friday night, and she wanted all her fans to know that she’s doing well after checking herself into treatment on Aug. 29 to deal with anxiety and stress.

“I’m totally cool and so happy; I think I’m about to cry,” Rimes told the crowd at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center in Eau Claire, Wis. “Thanks for being awesome fans – patient and understanding.”

Rimes, 30, performed an impressive 14-song, 70-minute concert on Friday, giving fans a taste of new material that foregrounds personal turmoil in her lyrics.

Oh, so she’s out of rehab and she’s performing mini-concerts, then, huh? Gosh. Rehab works wonders, guys. Some feats never cease to amaze me, for real.

Investigating LeAnn‘s early departure a little more, I learned that she’s headed back to rehab already—but not until after she performs a “series of concerts” in the Midwest over the coming weeks. Because apparently, shows couldn’t be postponed. And LeAnn just couldn’t check into rehab after the shows were over, no.

No, the “real” reason that LeAnn supposedly left early, non-refundable tickets aside, was because she’s too busy worrying about her husband, Eddie Cibrian, and that he’ll cheat on her while she’s in rehab. From Us Weekly:

“She’s been stressed about always being called a home-wrecker and also worried that Eddie is cheating on her. She’s been on a downward spiral.”

And even her childhood mentor, Bill Mack, the dude who discovered LeAnn Rimes, says that “Hollywood’s changed [LeAnn] for the worse.” He continues by saying that she craves attention, and she’s getting it for all the wrong reasons. Bill says, “LeAnn is a beautiful girl with an incredible voice, but recently she’s getting attention for all the wrong reasons like breaking up a marriage, eating disorders and now going to rehab.” He continues by bashing her looks. “Her appearance alone is cause for concern as she looks much older than 30-year-old; she doesn’t look healthy anymore,” Bill says. “She made good money, but she didn’t have the love and support she needed and she had a lot anger bottled up inside, which is now starting to affect her both physically and mentally.”

So maybe she should, I don’t know, get back to rehab and finish the damn thing?

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  • Some mentor she’s got there, telling the world how unhealthy and old she looks! I’d fire his butt, THEN go back to re-hab.

    • Or maybe, just maybe, I’d let the sense of what he as well as the rest of the world are saying sink in and try to alter my confusing patterns of behaviour to live a better life. Y’kno?

    • I don’t know if you can fire a mentor or if he’s even still in her life but what he says rings true and it sounds like he’s saying it out of love for her and her well being.

  • x17 has photos and a video of Eddie out and about LA by himself, so you know that Leann is going to go nuts wondering what he was doing and who he was out with. I wonder how they are going to spin this so that it doesn’t generate “Eddie Cibrian caught cheating on Leann” stories. Or did Leann call x17 and have them follow Eddie?

  • The fact that Leann is out of rehab after less than 6 days of treatment, performing 3 concerts, tweeting up a storm immediately upon her release, writing blogs for her website, and setting up the usual back to back staged photo-op just shows that this “anxiety” and stress caused by cyberbullying” was just a publicity stunt. She is probably at a spa or hotel. Leann was able to manipulate the press into feeling sorry for her and thus write nice things about her instead of focusing on her bad behavior. I thought it was strange when People magazine and Celebuzz kept releasing daily interviews from Leann because what celeb does daily interviews in the first week of their treatment?

    At least she toned down the tweets. I couldn’t believe that they would allow her to tweet like that considering the lawsuit. They must have been reading everyone’s responses because now she only tweets the city where she is doing the concert and a thank you after the concert. I hope she doesn’t plan on setting up airport photo-ops.