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Oh, You Mean You Didn’t Know LeAnn Rimes Was Still Not Back in Rehab?

photo of leann rimes pictures performing post-rehab pic
Because even though all of the things I’m hearing about are “post-rehab,” last I heard, she was checking herself into rehab on September 1st, and planned to stay for thirty days. Now, today’s the twenty-second, and she was out on a tour break for a few days somewhere between the first and today, so thirty days of BIG, INTENSIVE TREATMENT? Somehow I seriously doubt that happened. Unless she discovered an old DeLorean and a case of plutonium, to boot.

If you remember, LeAnn checked herself into rehab to recenter herself, and sources say that she did it to learn “new coping mechanisms,” which sounds like a bunch of sugared-up, flowery BS to me. From Us Weekly:

After Rimes decided to get help, her rep told Us Weekly she was in treatment to “learn and develop coping mechanisms” for stressful situations. But a source close to Rimes and her husband, Eddie Cibrian, told Us, “LeAnn has had major insecurity issues since she first got together with Eddie [in 2009].” At the time, Cibrian was still married to Brandi Glanville and Rimes was still married to chef Dean Sheremet.

“She’s been stressed about always being called a home-wrecker and also worried that Eddie is cheating on her,” the insider explained. “She’s been on a downward spiral.”

I don’t know, guys. I think we still have a pretty sick girl here on our hands, and boppin’ in and out of rehab for emotional counseling just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to receiving the treatment that she really, really needs.

Welcome … back?

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  • Really messed up girl. Would not want to be in her brain. The way she goes after anonymous people on the Internet, what a head case. She wants the whole world to like her after she went after a married man and broke up his marriage, and she will do it one person at a time.

  • That’s because Leann Rimes isn’t in rehab. The most obvious indication that this was all a hoax(to clean up her image, make the media only write nice things about her, and cover up Eddie’s affairs) was the fact that the first 5 days of her treatment were spent giving People magazine and Celebuzz exclusives interviews and immediately upon leaving “rehab” she would go back to tweeting.

    What exactly did rehab do for Leann because she is back to doing the same old stuff: tweeting, posting photos of Brandi’s kids, bragging about her “happy” life with her fam, posting twitpics of herself, blogging, giving exclusives to US Weekly about how this was her last day in rehab, and of course setting up staged photo-ops?

    It does take a messed up person to use cyberbullying and rehab as means to clean up her image. Rather than call her out on this, the media rewards her. Leann’s plan worked because now everyone it too afraid of being sued to call her out on her out on her antics.

  • Leann is on twitter tweeting about how she is off for two weeks, will be spending that time with family(aka setting up staged photo-ops at Eddie’s son’s soccer games and posting twitpics of Brandi’s kids to her blog and twitter), and then will go on a promotional tour in the fall/winter to promote her album about her affair. What I find disgusting is that no one is calling her out on this farce that she orchestrated.

    How come in every article that was written about her rehab stay they made sure to mention when her album was going to be released? And now after only 15 days of treatment she is “cured”? Someone needs to call Leann, her lawyer, People magazine, and Celebuzz out for orchestrating this major hoax. If you thought that Kim’s wedding was hoax, then think about Leann and this entire rehab/cyberbullying case.

    When people go to rehab for drugs or eating disorders do they resume that behavior when they get out? Leann is back to tweeting, blogging, and posting twitpics like crazy and it’s even worse than before because now she and her lawyer have scared the media so bad that the won’t criticize her for tweeting or providing TMI, she was never at a rehab.

    Why is Leann bragging about how she is “out” of rehab early? Did she drop the case, settle with the woman, or about to annouce that she “won”? It makes no sense for her to leave “rehab” early when she has a lawsuit right?

  • The sooner we stop hearing about this vindictive,spoiled little rich brat the better. When is the media going to give us a break on this obviously unstable chick who lives a fake/make-believe life. She is either spending her boring days taking lame phone pics of herself/or sueing people who rightly should be sueing her, getting wasted then acting inappropirately around step-sons. She obviously knows she will never again have a successful career due to her insanity.

  • Bets Leann wakes up every single morning wishing she looked like Brandi! Not going to happen-not with all the plastic/dental surgeries in the world or how scrawny she becomes. She is still a total mess inside and out.