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LeAnn Rimes Did a Lot of Crying for Katie Couric

Here’s a few choice quips from LeAnn’s interview, which aired earlier this morning, where everyone else is the bad guy, and she’s just the aw-shucks-who-me little girl from the country who is everyone’s whipping boy.

LeAnn on her ill-gotten gains:

“I have a great partner in crime. He’s really sweet and loving to me. We have two wonderful kids of his half the time, and I love them to death. I love that part of my life.”

And LeAnn on gaining those ill-gotten gains:

“I wasn’t sure if I was wishing myself well at the time. It was very, very difficult. Um…I wouldn’t wish it on anyone…especially in the public eye to go through all of it. I made my choices, you know? I made my choices and I’m living with them. And I also have learned from them and I’ve talked about this so much. I’ve carried a lot of guilt for a long time, I think [Dean, LeAnn’s ex-husband] probably knew what it was about before I did. … But I know that…I’m not the only person that goes through this. There’s so many that do. And there’s so much on the new album that I do share.”

LeAnn on checking herself into intermittent rehab:

“I think this is the best birthday gift I could ever give myself is just to once again be honest with myself and break down the things that I’ve struggled with for so long.”

LeAnn on that Spitfire Social Club thing that I hate so much:

“The album’s called ‘Spitfire,’ because I literally feel like at times, I’m spitting fire.”

Oh spare me. Spare. Me.

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  • The big difference with Angelina Jolie and Leann Rimes: Angie shut her mouth and did nothing. Leann has put everything on twitter, pranced around half naked in front of two little boys. Leann set up photo ops for bikini shots and has taunted the mother of her 2nd husband’s kids after destroying their family. She has pimped out those kids…USED THOSE KIDS to garner some sympathy for herself. She is mental!

  • Of course she is “crying”, she has to sale that single that comes out next month somehow, how else is she going to take Eddie and Lizzy on another lavish Christmas vacation?

    She tries so hard to make it look like her life with Eddie is rainbows and sunshines. She is so transparent. So now she thinks that refering to herself and Eddie as partners in crime will fix the photos of Eddie out and about LA without his wedding ring? Why wasn’t that “great partner in crime” not with her during this interview? Because even he can’t stand to be around Leann anymore.

    Why doesn’t anyone call her out on her nonsense anymore? The photo on the cover of that single has her posing with her wedding ring that Eddie “bought” for their wedding. Doesn’t that just defeat the purpose? If she felt quilty about what she did, why would she showcase her wedding ring which resulted from the man she cheated with while married to Dean?

    Eddie does allows her to exploit his kids, so in some sense he is her “partner in crime”. Notice how she refered to the kids as just Eddie’s? That is what bothers her the most, that the kids are Brandi AND Eddie’s. What she loves most about the kids is that she can use them to taunt their mother, hence why sheposted over 20 photos of those kids to her website.

  • Something is amiss in the “perfect family” Cibrian household. Why didn’t Katie interview Leann at her house? Where the heck is her adoring husband? Seems to me that Leann has settled in putting up with a charade marriage. She is probably guilt tripping Ed into staying.

  • People are saying that Katie plugged her interview with Leann when she went on The View today. Seriously? Why is Katie kissing Leann’s behind? Leann and her lawyer are really making Katie, ABC, and 20/20 pay for not initially including her in the All Access Nashville special with Taylor, Reba, Carried, and Miranda. ABC News, the same ABC News that once put Eddie and Leann on the list of The Most Annoying couples in HW, did two articles on her interview with Katie. Katie is tweeting like crazy about the interview with Leann. And now she is forced to talk about her interview with Leann everytime she does an interview? Leann must have been embarassed by the fact that people pointed out how she wasn’t even included in the article.

    It doesn’t end there. Katie even tweeted about how mean people were being to Leann because someone dared to call her out on the tweet she made about being at the airport. Katie and ABC learned their lesson. NEVER EVER exclude Leann from ANYTHING ever again. I have never seen any celeb bully the media, tabloids, and journalist the way that Leann does. Who is she blackmailing? So how is Leann going to force her way into the CMA’s on Nov 1?

    Leann is tweeting about how she LOVES Whoopie G, I guess Whoopie must have said something nice about Leann. When the press was reporting on Brandi’s interview about how she wanted to kill Leann when she first saw her using her child to taunt her at her son’s soccer game, didn’t Whoopie say that Leann Rimes shouldn’t have been so involved in the kids lives at that early stage in the first place? So how come Leann wasn’t tweeting that she loved Whoopie then?

  • This is what Katie tweeted, “We were loving the sneak peeks of @LeannRimes’ new songs! Tune in for more of her interview w/ @KatieCouric tomorrow 9/8c #2020Nashville”

    I didn’t think that Katie Couric could possibly sink to Leann’s level. Why would a single more like Katie who has experienced the loss of a spouse, support someone like Leann? In those songs that Katie LOVES so much, Leann details how she didn’t care that her affair with Eddie was wrong because she liked having sex with him and in many of those songs she trash talks Brandi. What a great message for Katie to send! I didn’t know that Katie was such a big fan of cyberbullying. Katie is working overtime to appease Leann. Did you see all the butt kissing tweets she has made about Leann and their interview? Did Leann threaten Katie with a lawsuit too? How long before Katie has to apologize to her viewers like the EIC of Shape had to apologize to it’s readers for supporting Leann?

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