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17Oh Boy, Aren’t Katy Perry and John Mayer Just the Cutest?

photo of katy perry and john mayer pictures halloween photos pics
No. The answer to that question now and forever is certainly, unequivocally ‘no’. And that will never change no matter how many Seal-and-Heidi-Klum-like Halloween costumes they put on throughout the years of their unhealthy relationship. No.

This is what Katy Perry and John Mayer wore to a Halloween-themed birthday bash for Katy herself, who’ll turn twenty-five a little bit later this week. Other celebrities in attendance included Kristen Stewart, Matt Dallas (who is an Actor), and Shannon Woodward, who’s on ‘Raising Hope’. In case you were curious as to what Katy and John were pretending to be, however, John was a vampire hunter and Katy, his seductress of a vampire prisoner.

Don’t go rushing out to buy girlfriend a gift, though, guys—this is what Katy wants you to do:

“Transcendental meditation changed my life. For my birthday I would love to pay it forward. In lieu of gifts, donate (to the David Lynch Foundation)… Your donation is not only special to me, but to all of the people whose lives you will help through the lifelong gift of meditation.”

Must be a big week for obnoxious pains-in-the-ass to have birthdays. Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian … are we sure Kanye West and Taylor Swift don’t have birthdays coming up in the next few days, too? F-cking cheeseballs.

October 22, 2012 at 11:30 am by Sarah
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17 Responses to “Oh Boy, Aren’t Katy Perry and John Mayer Just the Cutest?”

  1. cmc says:

    Katy Perry is turning 25?! No way. I could have sworn she was older!

    Also blah blah they’re gross.

  2. Meli says:

    He looks like Willie Nelson…

  3. Chuck says:

    Is that really John Mayer? He looks hideous in profile. Didn’t realize he had a Jay Leno chin and hooked beak.

  4. pufinstuf says:

    Is that really his jaw and chin or is it part of a costume? Please tell me it’s fake!

  5. Tor says:

    It’s for sure prosthetics

  6. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    No waaaay she’s 25! KP’s agent/manager/PR team most likely announced she was 18 when she was actually 23, then just kept the lie going. When I was in a band, that’s what we were asked to do. Record execs really think it makes a difference – fresh meat! Youth sells records! BARF

    • Chaz says:

      Ok, now your handle makes sense. I’m guessing you had a Jerry Sanduskyesque band manager saying things like…. Its time to play pikki nikki in my polka pants…..

  7. Ellie66 says:

    This is how he really looks. Yuk Katy Perry! :(

  8. ltc says:

    Are people actually being serious here when they are asking if that is really his nose and chin?!?! It’s so hard to tell these days if people are being trolls…

  9. Ike Nash says:

    Hello Sexy Mrs.Katy Perry how are you doing

  10. Ike Nash says:

    Hello Mrs.Katy Perry ma name is Ike Nash and I came from the caribbean islands from an island called St.Vincent & The Grenadines but now I reside in Ontario,in the country of Canada,and here is a very romantic track that I have written for ya and the name of it is called Swang Ma,and I wrote this track for ya to the instrumental of a very awesome rap song called Getting Jiggy With It,using all of my very own romantic words/lyrics,and the song called Getting Jiggy With It was originally sang by the singer named Will Smith,so dear Mrs.Katy Perry here is my very romantic track for ya that I have written to the instrumental of Getting Jiggy With It using all of my very words/lyrics!

    My song title for Sexy Mrs.Katy Perry is called: Swang Ma

    Verse 1 for Sexy Mrs.Katy Perry:

    Swang Ma,girl,your,name,is so,nice,babe,plus,hey Honey,it’s,the season,girl,plus the reasons,why I’m,writing lyrics,for you,girl,is because,yo,girl,I’m Hood,Girl,plus,you’re good,when,I stood,outdoors,took a pull,from,a cigarette,get wet,girl,get Naughty,Sexy,Babe,and,let’s,kid around,Down Town,girl,let’s drink,everyday,Babe,honey,live it up,drive me,Cray-Zay,girl,and,visit,when you like,if you want,it’s okay girl,hey girl,girl,let’s have some,Kids,babe,I’m playing,girl.

  11. Ike Nash says:

    Hello Sexy Mrs.Katy Perry you can reach me at … for a screenplay/movie script

  12. Anonymous says:

    Take a hike, Ike

  13. Lauren says:

    Katy Perry is turning 28.

  14. Lauren says:

    Also, Katy Perry is a pretty awesome person. I don’t know where you get off thinking she’s obnoxious. She’s one of the few that actually have a good head on her shoulders. She treats people with kindness. You are kinda obnoxious.

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