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  • maybe Miley Cyrus? it doesn’t seem like Britney could get away with just flying to Vegas without having her dad or fiancee or any of her handlers controlling what’s going on.

  • Since their 10 year break up:

    >>Britney has only written 1 song about Justin.
    <>Britney last talked about Justin in her 2008 MTV documentary for 5 seconds. Four years ago.
    <>Britney has gotten married, has two kids and a consistently successful music career.
    >>Justin has never been married, has no children, stopped making music and the seriousness of his relationship with Biel is questionable.

    I somehow doubt Britney even thinks about him unless she is asked.

  • I hope they do get back together.Its like the movie Love and Basketball was based on them.The kids new each other since they were 12.Justin and Britney knew one another since they were 12.First kiss,first love and ect(JT and Brit the same).
    They dated for awhile maintaining a career to become famous and then broke up.Same with JT and Brit.They started seeing different people.Both still have feelings for each other.JT and Brit have feelings for one another.The guy got engaged and the girl got jealous.Afterwards like 2 years later,they both were successful and had a child.Now that sounds like whats going to happen to JT and Brit and i hope they realize they were meant to be.

    • Wow I thought I was the only one still hoping they’d reunite. At least see them in the same room together

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