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UPDATES: Was the Kristen Stewart Affair Worse Than We Thought?

photo of robert pattinson and kristen stewart pictures
As you all probably know by now, Kristen Stewart has publicly admitted to cheating with Snow White and the Huntstman director, Rupert Sanders, who is also in a relationship. And who has children. Since photos broke earlier in the week of Kristen and Rupert cuddling and kissing and generally being all gross in public, Kristen has issued a public apology to Robert Pattinson for her infidelity, and in turn, Rupert Sanders has issued one of his own to both his wife and family. Kristen was photographed yesterday morning looking distraught and kind of crazy, frankly, and Robert Pattinson is confirmed to have moved out of the couple’s shared Hollywood home. But here’s some information that you might not know—

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders claim to have never had sex. Which is pretty much a moot point, and I don’t care who says differently: cheating is cheating is cheating. Sources close to both parties claim that the only thing that went on between the two was kissing and caressing, but no sex was had, if you can believe it.

The affair may not have been as brief as they’d like people to think. Radar Online claims that the affair (the, you know, whole non-sex affair) went on for weeks. RO says that the two were spotted at a dinner in Germany back in May and “couldn’t take their eyes off each other.”

The new buzz is that Robert Pattinson was actually about to propose to Kristen Stewart. Us Magazine spoke to acquaintances of the couple who say that, while Kristen obviously considered her relationship with Robert to be something of a second-rate citizen, Pattinson never faltered in feeling that Kristen was the one he wanted to “spent the rest of his life with.”

More details to come, doubtless.

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