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BREAKING: Robert Pattinson Has Left Kristen Stewart

photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pictures break up
From People:

Robert Pattinson has packed his bags.

Following Kristen Stewart’s public apology for having a fling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, the 26-year-old actor has left the Los Angeles home he shared with Stewart, PEOPLE has confirmed.

“I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover from this,” a source says of the couple of three years, who met making the Twilight trilogy.

In seclusion and not in contact with Stewart, 22, the British star “is heartbroken and angry,” says the source.

A “devastated” Stewart, meanwhile, described Pattinson as “the person I love and respect the most” in her apology following revelations of her indiscretion with Sanders, 41, a married father of two.

“Kristen really loves Rob more than anything,” says an insider. “He’s all that matters to her right now.”

Oh, he’s all that matters to her NOW, eh? Well I frankly think that’s a case of too little, too damn late, now, right? Bitch makes me sick. I know you’re hurting, Rob, but you’re probably doing the best possible thing. I think. I don’t know. What a f-cking mess.

Image via Vanity Fair

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  • Is it because I detest Twilight so much that I’m completely unmoved by this story, or is it something about this couple?

    • Well, I’d have to say: between the movies (which I haven’t and have no intention of seeing), the books (which I loathe and have had the misfortune/mind-altering-travesty of perusing (Not reading though. God no.)), and two absolutely unremarkable people; I have precisely zero interest in this.

      I see it as a sad, sad, testament to modern society: spend enough money on advertising and the sheeple will literally lap up diarrhea.

  • He would have looked like the wuss of all time if he had stayed. Isn’t it interesting that the women who stay with the cheater guy are practically looked upon as saintly and the men who stay with cheater girls are looked upon as, well, wusses. HMMMM.

  • I can’t stand Kristen Stewart, but it’s also half of the married guy’s fault too. It takes 2 people to cheat.

  • What are you even talking about? In what world a girl who has been chatead on is considered a saint? Just mind your own business

  • i absolutly love the fact that the “sources” say that kristen is devestated! Well then why she do it?!!???!?!?!

  • Women who stay with cheaters are often referred to as ‘long suffering’ and or ‘extremely loyal’. Men who stay with cheaters are referred to as ‘cuckholded’ or ‘p>$$¥ whipped’. I believe that’s the point being made by Blasted. To simplify for Caro, the world Blasted lives in is ‘earth’ and the language is one we call ‘English’. Blasted is referencing common ‘English’ idioms.
    Furthermore, are you actually suggesting a commenter on a GOSSIP site should mind their own business? Really?
    *awesome swear censored for delicate eyes.

  • @caro, I hope that cleared any confusion. If not, you might want to get a CT scan to check on possible head injury…or you can mind your own business as well, and not comment on celebrities at all.

  • To be honest this is sort of one sided no-one has seen how Kristen feels and maybe it isnt a lie.Things can happen between people and if it was a mistake and she still loves him no-one is helping the situation with these stupid comments about her being a bitch. Her pride will be low enough as it is because this has been spread everywhere so dont take a big spoon and stir this because it just wont help. No-one cares how much you all love robert (yes he is amazing and i like him to) but it isnt fair to Kristen with everyone taking his side. She has been made to look bad in this situation and I admit she was wrong but it was a one off and she has never cheated on him before has she? So please just think about what you are putting before with bitch off about Kristen. I suppose if Rob had cheated (and dont bother putting anything about him being amazing and that wouldnt happen because it could) it might have been diffrent and no-one would have made a fuss. It would have been passed off as an accident and Kristen probably wouldn’t have had a paddy fit like all you people out there seem to be doing.
    -Peace <3

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