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Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders: The Cheating Pictures :(

photo of kristen stewart cheating on robert pattinson pictures
So, after taking a few-hour hiatus from really talking about this story with you guys, I’ve got all sorts of information (and pictures! Oh have I got the Kristen Stewart cheating pictures). Here’s the gist of what’s going on:

Kristen was hooking up with this guy, director Rupert Sanders, a married dude who’s got two young children, last week. The photos were taken while the two were publicly making out in Kristen’s Mini Cooper and in a park overlooking Hollywood. The more graphic parts of the makeout session included Sanders kissing Kristen’s body “all over” while the two were parked in the vehicle. Just … ew. OK? Ew. Ew for two reasons—one, Kristen had just left the gym when she received the phone call to come and hook up, and two, have you seen this guy? Kristen apparently doesn’t put much stock into looks when it comes to cheating on one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, eh?

As you know, Kristen released her statement earlier today, but what you probably didn’t know is that Rupert released one of his own. It sounded like this:

“I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.”

Which, I don’t even really understand, because I can’t fathom cheating on the one you love in any case, for any reason.

Here’s my thing, though—I am so mad and sad and confused for everyone involved. This whole f-cking thing is a mess. Kristen, judging by her erratic and desperate plea for forgiveness-veiled-as-a-public statement was bizarre. Kristen doesn’t talk about her persona life. Ever. And now she’s publicly admitting the ultimate relationship wrongdoing? I genuinely believe she’s sorry, and not—har har har—just sorry that she got caught. I fully believe that she made a huge, huge error in judgement and ended up in the arms of some equally-irresponsible forty-one year-old man who should also know better. F-ck. I’m not saying that Kristen didn’t knowingly play the game, because she did (for whatever reason, be it “caught up” in the adoration of a “revered Hollywood director,” a “hook up with a dude twice your age” infatuation or whatever) but what the hell was a forty-one year-old man doing preying on a girl who’s obviously got the maturity level of a fourteen-year-old boy? Hasn’t he ever spoken to her before? Does he not know? Kristen’s certainly not blameless, as I said previously, but come on. Are there this many morons in the world?

As for Robert, well. I don’t think we’ll be hearing any public statements from him or Sanders’ wife, Liberty Ross (who, ironically, played Kristen’s mother in ‘Snow White’), and I definitely don’t blame them.

Check out the cheating photos. If, you know, you want to end the day on a really depressing note.

Now, I have questions for you guys—

Is Kristen really sorry?

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Is Rupert really sorry?

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Should Robert forgive Kristen?

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Should Rupert’s wife forgive Rupert?

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Are these people completely f-cking insane, or what?

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Will Kristen and Robert’s relationship survive this scandal?

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OK. I’m done grilling you. Go look at the pictures, and try to read the article. I did, and it’s equally depressing.

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  • The forgiveness questions are so difficult! I would be like: “Well, you cheated on me. I’m not leaving you. Oh, you’re grateful. That’s good. Because I’m winning every argument until the end of time.”

  • I don’t think she’s genuinely sorry. There just is no way around it. Those photos came out and what can you say? That’s not me? We were just joking around? The path of least resistance is to go public and ask for forgiveness. Then at least (as we’ve already seen here) some people will say “hey credit for owning up to it.” Doesn’t mean it makes it any better though.

    If I was Rob I wouldn’t take her back.

    • good point.

      hey if this was Rob caught out cheating, would the story be 10x worse? no excuses / forgiveness

      • You’re absolutely right, Rob would be getting raked over the coals if he was the perp. The double standard here is rearing its ugly head again. Really, Rob is in a bind. If he stays with her, he’s a wuss of a man and he’ll look like a simp. If he dumps her, he’ll make out a lot better, publicity wise. They’re both young and they should be dating around anyway.

  • I call all of this staged. Kristen and Rob hid and denied their relationship for so long so why will she issue any “apology” statements now? It’s very unlike her to talk to the media. Plus the pics? Well, correct me if I’m wrong but I never saw any pics of rob and kirsten being intimate in public published before so why get caught now especially when it’s supposed to be a scandalous affair. When is the last twilight movie coming out again? Well i guess the “relationship” contract between rob and kirsten must end now, now that the movie is almost over. Just saying…

    • I get what you’re saying, and normally I’d say, ‘Yeah, maybe there’s something to that’, but to involve a dude who’s got a wife and kids? Somehow that doesn’t pan out.

    • I agree with u 100% she knows better than to do something like that in public, they follow her around all the time. She’s always very careful, why would she risk it now? Plus She admitted she cheated but never admitted she was even in a relationship with him, that confuses me. This whole thing confuses me.

    • I my self never believe there is real affair between kristen and Rob. Their body language shows it. Maybe Kristen desperately try to publicly call that fake one a quit ?

  • I’m not real a big Stewart fan. Her cheating on Pattinson is low blow. Honestly he has every right to call it quits with her.

    Pattinson there are other fish in the sea and please remember ….not all American woman are cheaters. :)

  • When Kristen and Robert were first getting together didn’t she “cheat” on Michael Angarano then dump him so she could be with Rob?

  • Thing is, even if Rob would forgive her, the paps will follow them constantly; looking for small cracks in the relationship, following Kirsten to see if she is gonna cheat again/has contact with director-guy, following Rob to see if he is gonna have his revenge and cheats too etc etc etc.
    With the obvious pain this has cost, the loss of trust/love etc in their relationship and on top of that the media frenzy that will surround them for the following months I highly doubt the relationship will survive this. They have always been a private couple and if suddenly the media jumps on top of them, especially during this hard time I doubt they can work it out.

  • Everyone is discussing it in relation to her cheating on rob but I think it’s worse her going with a married man with two young kids. Even if she was single it would still be a pretty shitty thing to do.

    Besides, didn’t she cheat on and then dump the guy she was with before the twilight films for rob? Doing something shitty one time can possibly be a mistake but doing it again shows a bit of a shitty personality.

    I was never a big fan but I didn’t think she was a bad person.

  • Have you guys considered how bad Robert Pattinson might have been on bed, give the girl a break she might have endured for long.

  • “who, ironically, played Kristen’s mother in ‘Snow White’ ”
    –> Ironically my *ass, this is no conincidence, this is Oedipus Complex revived. This time she would like to beat mum.
    But… oh no… mum wins again.

  • To me, the scenes look staged. Kristen is smiling, not looking turned on….. Seems to me that this director needed to have his name put out there. The most notable thing about his film was Charlize and Kristen–nobody knew this directors name,I still don’t, lol, and face it–he is likely wanting to push a new film out there.
    If they waited all this time for a booty call, why not go to a hotel instead of necking in a car. This whole thing is fishy. Also, maybe Breaking Dawn II needs to freshen up the public’s interest.
    Who knows, right?

  • People … are you all blindsided or hypnotized or simply stupid? Why accusing Kristen all the time? HE SEDUCED HER. He is the freakin’ director, superior role, capito? She is not even really grown up yet and shall take all the blame only because you guys are nuts about that Pattinson bore, the immature man-child? Come on! Grow up! So she made out with Sanders! But HE should have known better! And the picture caption like “he was more cautious” – come on! We are not blind: He is going crazy, not Kristen! What’s wrong with you! Blame the guy, for goodness’ sake, he is married! HE HAS CHEATED! Kristen is not married, damn’d!

    • Yeah. I think I agree with you here. He should be getting a lot more flak because of the things you said.

      Face it, he was in a superior position in age, intelligence (oh yeah), maturity, and he was her “boss”.

      Come on. She obviously has daddy issues. She’s a BABY!

      He was taking advantage. Why doesn’t anyone attack him?

  • I think Kristen deserves a second chance, everyone makes mistakes and she is truly sorry and she loves Rob!

    And why does Kristen get all the blame? Sanders was just as much on it but it stands almost nothing about him anywhere and he was the one who was married and had two children!

    • Sure, she deserves this second chance after all she’s young and she has the right to do some mistakes but she sure needs to learn from them, but I also think that Robert isn’t Bamby and he is also unfaithful… Hopefully it will work out, I read on that he is a gd friend of Reese Witherspoon and who knows if it’s only “Friendship”… So stay Tuned people, you never know what stars are cooking.

  • I don’t think this was staged. The twilight saga has never needed bad press to get ratings.
    I think they’re young and she fucked up and who know what will happen. But no one knows what else went on in their relationship either. Maybe he’s cheated and never got caught ?

  • I think she was rubbing all over his junk on the side of the road then they retired to her car for a little more of what he got in Germany. She knew what she was doing. She is 21 and is old enough to know the diff. of right and wrong. He is a married man. Who doesn’t know if he has a ring on it he is off limits. Also for you out there who think this was a one time hook up. No. Grow up. No one goes to pick up a married man, parks on the side of the road for a quickie when it’s the first time you hook up. Unless you are getting paid for it that is. She has rubbed on the junk before. You can tell by the way she is grinding on him. Not her first rodeo by any means. If you think that you know nothing about body language or sex. If that is the case you are to young to look at these pics in the first place. I will say one thing about Rob. If he takes her back he is not a man. He can have anyone he wants but if he lets her crawl back I will have no respect for him.

  • This couple took advantage of Kristen. These pictures are fakes. I cannot believe the her parents stand behind her and sue Sanders. This goes way back when Sanders was in Hollywood. As a director he treated all the actors and actresses like scum. Calling them names etc. This got back to Kristen’s Grandfather. He was not pleased and he fired Sanders. Sanders swore he would get him in the end and left Hollywood. Thus you have Kristen in some big fake affair with fake pictures. How do I know this?? It was the talk of Hollywood for sometime.