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BREAKING NEWS: Kristen Stewart Releases a Statement

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“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Oh my God I just can’t even. I’d hoped that there was a possibly that this would turn out to be a stupid, stupid lie, because there’s a Twihard inside me that’s just dying to know that Bella and Edward Kristen and Robert would be together forever and this would be something like a bad dream projected into Alice’s vision like a poisonous, false serpent, bent on total love annihilation.

I’ve got to take a minute, guys. This is rough.

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  • Now for the people who screamed photoshop and every other excuse in the book to deny the truth, what’s up now guys and gals? She’s young, so I can forgive it (she’s what 22?), few people at that age are truly ready for marriage and a family. I think she’s been over it for a long time but felt pressure to keep it up because of the Twilight movies, we don’t know them and don’t know what really went on in their lifes, so let’s take it for what it is and move on. Plus let’s not forget that she left her boyfriend at the time for Rob, again chalk it up to youth and growing up.

  • Sorry, but should add, that 41 yr old director with a wife and children, I’m less likely to forgive that, he should have known better, even is she pursued him (don’t know that’s what happened, just saying).

    • screw rupert he’s sick in the fukin head. he cheated on a model thats his wife . no girls in the world would be enough for him

    • not surprised that you think he is more to blame? Both in relationships and neither should be let off the hook. Cheaters are cowards and should rot in hell for hurting someone the supposedly loved. I only hope one day they get to feel that pain and public embarassment

    • ya, regardless of where you stand on the movies, etc. there is a real marriage and real kids involved. and a real 41 year old “man” who chose to ignore those things for a moment (not ignoring kristens blame, but he was twice her age, her director, etc. what a moron.) i hurt for everyone involved in this mess. its not “hilarious” at all.

      • I wasn’t talking about the destruction of his marriage, I was commenting on the attitude Twi-Hard’s have for the end of Kristen and Rob’s relationship. The fact that people take the real relationship between these two so seriously IS hilarious to me. The people on this site never have anything nice to say about Twilight, but as soon as the actors break up there’s a Twi-hard in them who is upset that they’re splitting up. This little article doesn’t even mention Rupert Sanders, so calm down. That guy is a total pig, to be sure, but the investment some people have in these movies/that relationship is ridiculous.

    • its hilarious? no u know wat would be hilarious when i kick ur face in or if i watch ur fuckin girl cheated on you for a forty yr old ur fuckin jerk off

  • I feel so bad for his wife and those kids. I’ll never understand how people can knowingly mess around with a married person.

  • I admire her so much for owning up to what she’s done. When do you *ever* see that? Most stars just have their publicists issue flat-out denials and/or lies.

    • You admire a homewrecker for admitting she’s a homewrecker? Is that all it takes to impress people these days?

      • it’s true. Kristen is in shock, she’s freaking out…oh, she’s so young and PUBLIC for this kind of stuff. Someone should’ve taught her better. p.s rob is PISSSEED!!!!

    • She owned up to it only because a paparazzi happened to be in the right place at the right time getting some pics of them slobbering over each other.

  • @Katie, because she is a public figure and the way people perceive her makes her get/lose income.

    • i guess. still seems silly to me though. we are all way too wrapped up in these strangers’ lives, aren’t we?

  • wow… I can’t believe her publicist agreed to let her blatantly admit to cheating. It usually makes more sense to either deny, deny, deny or say no comment since cheating allegations really aren’t all that easy to prove anyway. But wow. And I hate myself for feeling bad for the married director and thinking that KStew is kind of a bitch for airing out his adultery… but I do. I don’t see the reason she decided to publicly issue this statement and confirm cheating suspicions. Maybe she thinks directors will want to put her in their films now that she confessed she’s DTF? I’m just… confused. I feel like she has an agenda.

  • Credit to the ho-mewrecker for admitting it and I guess some to that pig director. At least they didn’t deny deny deny. I’m pretty sure one of them caved and the other had no choice so I’m not completely sure who to give credit to…not like it matters just because they’re both a-holes.

  • She used to sleep with Michael Angarano, so until this I thought that she was silently working with Miley to hook up with all of my various crushes.

    But this? I mean, this guy’s old. Not “I can’t believe that he’s having sex,” old. But “I’m older than Kristen Stewart and I wouldn’t sleep with him unless it would be rude to not sleep with him,” old. That’s just a terrible decision.

    Good for her for owning it, though.

    • He’s not ugly and he doesn’t look that old. Their affair was probably based on more than just looks. He had a shitty marriage and she’s been wanting to leave Rob for a while now. The only reason she didn’t is because their relationship was essentially a marketing ploy for the Twilight series.

  • Well, it’s very obvious that Kristen Stewart spreads like peanut butter. Who really gives a crap what this child star does?

    Well, I have to admit…I’m a LITTLE curious about whom she’ll bed next. Johnny Depp? Woody Allen? Snoop Dog? Roman Polanski? Ellen DeGeneres? Tam O’Shaughnessy? One thing’s for certain: Kristen’s squeezebox is going to be old and leathery by the time she hits 25.

  • He was twice her age and HE made vows to his wife. She was very very very stupid, but he, he really should have known better. He should have thought about hurting those closest to him and destroying his family. *Sigh. Sad.

  • Har-har! So why am I sitting here, at work, smiling my ass off? Oh this is just too good! That hypocrite.

  • i only feel sorry for the guys wife and kids tbh he has the most to lose for what he did to them a dont think its worth a try and a suppose if wat happened with rob was genuine a feel sorry for him he still cant act for shit and neither can she di you see snow white fuck me wat a shockin movie

  • You know what they say the best form of defence is to attack, and what a good defence take all the blame for what is termed as a momentary indiscretion, I just hope the man’s wife sees it as that. I’m sure if the boot was on the other foot, all hell would have broken loose, take it from one who has been on the receiving end of a stupid little girl’s ‘indiscretion’, unfortunately the innocent parties can’t overlook a betrayal like that. I agree at his age he should of known better but don’t be fooled by her innocence she readily agreed to a relationship knowing full well he was married. She is just upset because she got caught. You can’t profess an undying love for someone and do that. Suck it up girl you were caught.

  • man there’s so much fuckin ppl ‘s been making fun of the position and situation that kristen is in right now… well u know wat i think FUCK THEM they probably never even had a gf or fb thats fukin why. and fuck kristen too for being so fucked up she should of known better. i get girls like older men but rob is fuckin older then u and thats not enough? she dont deserve this. she doesnt deserve to be alone in this kind of times. i hope her parents and friends are comforting her right now.she should nt of been so fucked up in the head and thought that she could be with a married man and just start a relationship like a snap of the not sad or angry or disoppointed i jus say wats on my god damned mind and i did so good luck stewart .

  • u know wat i also think. i think that kristen should be given of a second chance. rob should definately and unconditionally forgive her. i mean not to mention that no fuckin one is perfect. everyone make mistakes that are huge. pl/us she left her ex for you shouldnt taht mean anything to rob urself ? if she left someone to be with u and now that she cheated because who knows wat kidn of shit the director ‘s been saying to her to make her believe that he truely loves her, he already got a wife a model and if a model is not even good enough to prevent him from cheating , kristen u think even if he’s with u , he would not cheat on you when u get older . highly unlikely.there’s no future with rupert hes a jackass a moron a pervert that likes young girls and a sweet talker he’s sick in the head jus for kiss kristen ‘s lips. kristen cheated . but its not her fault not entirely

  • fuck rupert and his wife y is anyone feelin sad for them. she ruined a young girls reputation and life and no one ‘s seen anybody feelin terrible / kristen s got a future ahead of herself and rupert is gonna be dead in like 30 yrs. rupert doesnt know wat he s doing when he sees a pretty girl walkin aroound , any girl he could get a chance to work with is bound to have somethin to do with him and ends up getting blamed. fuck the media.fuck anyone that s commenting that they dont give a fuck or that s trying to make fun of rob and stewart’s situation. i jus say fuck alot coz it’ll make wat i have to say more interestin and not like a god dame essay. boy i hat essays they giv me headaches.

  • Everyone has there opinion on Kristen Stewert and her betrayal, she made a horrible injustus to Robert Pattinson. it has proven that she cannot be trusted, any words she says would probably be a lie. For Rob he can move on and later on find someone else, who appreciates his beauty within, and his honesty. He gave more than he got, I hope the movie is done shooting so he does’nt have to see either one of them. and as for the director’s wife file for divorce and get what you can, and as for Kristen Stewert will meet her karma, what comes around goes around. someday it may not be love, but something else. your loss you had a very good looking, fine gentleman.

    • Well said, puchai!
      It’s my understanding that Rob only found out about her affair when a tabloid rep called to tell him they were running the story, so I really doubt that Kirsten was going to tell him at all. Ever. So it’s possible that this statement was her frantically trying to apologize to him after he left and she couldn’t contact him any other way.
      Either way, I sure feel bad for Rob and Liberty. Private betrayal is bad enough–private and public must be humiliating.

      Sexist and illiterate!? My god, it’s like the evolutionary backwash jackpot! Fetch me my glad pants. I can’t handle viewing this much manliness without having a fit of the vapors all over the place.

  • Yea, Yea,…. You love him so much you cheated on him —- heard it all before—-dump her slutty ass dude — it WILL happen again, and again, and so on …

  • Oh come on , with that face and that acting ability you wouldn’t have a career if you hadn’t already slept with director’s , producer’s , casting agents, key grips, Spuds McKenzie etc.

  • Damn it! She still have the nerve to ask for forgiveness. Put on that perky face and that cheesy apologize, you can make a tiger cry. Be strong Robert. Don’t fall for that stupid trick. Just childish.