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Tom Cruise Wants You to Think That Katie’s a Family-Killing Famewhore

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Yes, because while Tom‘s current public reputation is in the shitter, why not try to drag Katie down with him? Makes perfect sense, especially when you’re Tom Cruise.

Here’s what was happening in the Cruise marriage four months before the breakup, that made everyone continuously think that these two were in it for the sheer publicity:

Cruise and Holmes stood in a darkened area near the bathrooms [of a theater]. “Everyone’s just staring at them. And he and Katie were extremely touchy-feely. They’re giggling. He was kissing her. And everyone’s like, Wow, this is real—because no one believes it’s real. But if they weren’t real, why would they be all over each other? Everything they do in public is over-the-top. But there was practically no audience. There were only five people waiting for the bathroom.”
Soon, though, the make-out session started to take on a different complexion. “This went on and on,” the witness recalls. “He keeps kissing her. And we’re like, This is strange that they’re still kissing. Who goes out and has a make-out session with their wife? I mean, really. It felt like a poorly directed love scene. It’s like you’re kissing your girlfriend on the subway—if you kiss her fifteen times, it starts to be less cool. By the end, I was just confused.”

And on how the majority of people thought that the relationship was a stunt from the get-go, so they weren’t really fooling anyone:

Barely a month after meeting Holmes, Cruise made the now infamous appearance on Oprah, where he jumped on the sofa, pumped his fists, and otherwise proclaimed how gaga he was about his new girlfriend. Sixty-three percent of respondents in a People magazine poll said they ­believed the relationship was a publicity stunt. Winfrey later ­admitted to finding his behavior perplexing.

But now, the interesting perspective that Katie may have actually been in on this whole thing from the start, and the marriage and divorce was only a ploy to launch her career into super-stardom:

• Instead of sitting down with her husband and saying she wanted a divorce, Holmes waited until he was in Iceland, then phoned him with the announcement, and was reportedly unwilling to reconsider.

• Holmes didn’t give Cruise any explanation for the decision, according to someone with knowledge of the situation.

• Afterward, according to the knowledgeable source, Holmes wouldn’t speak to her husband again, instead making him deal directly with her father (a ­divorce lawyer, as it happens).

• The story as it played out in the press was self-evidently driven by leaks from the Holmes camp.

• At the same time, false stories, uncorrected by Holmes’s publicists, ran, suggesting that Holmes had secured the new apartment without Cruise’s knowledge (in fact, according to Cruise’s publicist, Amanda Lundberg, Holmes and Cruise had agreed to get the apartment in mid-May).

• In Holmes’s daily photo ops, Suri was a conspicuous prop, as she has been for years. If you think this is just a case of a celebrity trying to live a normal life: When was the last time you saw a picture of Blue Ivy? Can you name any of Julia Roberts’s kids?

• Playing into the escape-from-­Scientology story line, it was reported that Holmes had now “registered” with a Catholic church. Who “registers” with a church? You just go.

• And Holmes wasted no time in starting filming of a new movie, based on her own screenplay about a single mom, Molly, on the day the settlement was announced.

The story (which you can read in its entirety here) goes on to claim that Katie is, and always has been, the ultimate fame-seeker, and how she was “enraged” by Michelle Williams’ career success post-‘Dawson’s Creek’, and that she knew what she was getting into the entire time she was being courted or whatever by Tom Cruise and Tom Cruise’s Tom Cruise Camp, and while it all sounds plausible, I have to shake myself and say, “No! These theories are a plant by Tom Cruise, and I’m not going to allow Tom Cruise to taint my disdain for him with pity for being possibly used.” No, it’s just not going to happen. We’re going to chalk this one up to fable-spinning and leave it at that, OK? I just don’t want to examine it any further because I’m afraid of what kind of conclusion I might come to.

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  • Actually… you do register for a Catholic church. Anyone can attend, and no one is REQUIRED unless you want to participate in certain ministries, but in order to be considered a member of that church, you have to register with it.

  • What Rie said is true. I think Tommy’s all kinds of angry that Katie stomped his ass hard in the divorce. She clearly learned from the past (i.e. Nicole Kidman’s divorce) and decided not to take it. Team Katie all the way.

  • He was the one doing multiple interviews after they were married. If she was famewhore, she would have found a way to get (more) attention. She was getting a lot from that marriage and her child.

  • This article is lolz I mean really does anyone see Katie as this Machiavellian? If Tom were so innocent why go through all this trouble to leave him. I mean he’d could easily trash her credibility right?

  • If you remember, we all heard rumors of Tom being controlling at times, telling Katie what she could and could not do. When they were married you didn’t see Katie in the news because she wasn’t out in the public eye very much.
    There were also reports that Scientology would follow Katie to see where she went and what she did then reporting back to both the church and Tom. Who would want to live that way?
    She sought out advise from Nicole, you wonder if it advice on getting around the whole Scientology thing.
    Crazy stuff! I wish Katie the best of luck.

  • kelleygurl needs to be admitted in a mental institute. Katie has been heavily covered by the media past few years. she is always in the public eye. There have been no reports of her talking to Nicole. If you remember, Nicole was pregnant with a baby when she was divorced, the baby was someone else’s. She had a ‘miscarriage’ aka abortion. The google search trend for Katie Holmes didn’t become significant until Tom Cruise was in a relationship with her and it will slowly die again because of the divorce.