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Liberty Ross Talks About Kristen Stewart Cheating With Her Husband


Liberty Ross is the wife of Rupert Sanders, director of Snow White and The Huntsman, but best known for having an affair with Kristen Stewart. For the first time ever, she’s talking about what THAT was like. Spoiler alert: not fun! From Vanity Fair (niiice, get that money, girl) via the L.A. Times:

It was horrible. It was really the worst, really the worst.

I have no words to describe what we went through. But I think, for me, something always has to completely die for there to be a rebirth. And, for me, I feel like I’m going through a rebirth.

Blah blah okay. Apparently Ms. Ross “secured” in her friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills with her kids while the whole scandal was going on. On that she says,

I was able to be there completely secluded. I just visualized [being] this sort of Masai warrior. I was just going to stand very still and very strong, and just let it all roll past me. I tried to keep as far away from it as I could and to understand that this is my family and it’s the most precious thing to me.

LIBERTY ROSS: MASAI WARRIOR. I mean come on, isn’t that a bit much?

But she’s in good spirits. Though they divorced she has no bad feelings towards him and wishes him no harm. So, good for her.

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Kristen Stewart Has Been Giving Rupert Sanders the Cold Shoulder

kristen stewart rupert sanders pics

Despite recently being voted the least sexy actress in an online poll, Kristen Stewart has done quite well for herself with the gents, bagging Robert Pattinson and even getting some downstairs action from her Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. I don’t know if either of those are bragging points, but let’s just go with it.

KStew worked hard to get out of the dog house and back into Rob’s dirty underwear and she’s not about to jeopardize that again, which is why she’s been ignoring Rupert’s advances. The director is said to have trying to get back in touch since his wife, Liberty Ross, decided she’d had enough of all this f-ckery and filed for divorce from his ass.

From Radar Online:

“Rupert’s reached out to Kristen, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him,” the source tells Radar.

“He texted her a number of times after Liberty filed for divorce, however Kristen didn’t respond.

“In truth, she regrets ever getting involved with Rupert, because of how much it hurt Robert and the amount of public backlash she was subjected to.

“Kristen doesn’t really know what’s going on with her and Robert at the moment, and she’s been left in limbo. Ideally, she would like things to go back to how they once were, but that’s proving a lot more difficult than she imagined.

“But when it comes to Rupert, that ship has sailed,” the source reveals.

Listen, I guarantee you Kristen was not trying to get with Rupert on the regular, so I don’t think he’s all that hard to resist. I think she’s a stupid kid who made a stupid choice because some older man flattered her into bed (or into the front seat of his car). I have no tolerance for cheaters and there’s no defending what she did, but I don’t think she was ever planning on being with him, so obviously she’s going to tell him to jog on.

It’s Over: Liberty Ross Cuts Rupert Sanders’ Cord

photo of liberty ross and rupert sanders pictures
Oh did you guys hear? Liberty Ross is finally done with Rupert Sanders. I mean, it only took her six months or whatever, but hey! She finally filed for divorce after all that Kristen Stewart cheating!

It happened yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, Ross asking for joint custody and spousal support. Rupert filed his counter-petition and is amiable to the joint custody, but is also requesting that he and Liberty split the legal fees. Isn’t that so, so nice of him? I mean, come on—let’s cheat on our spouses and then when they (rightfully) file for divorce, tell them that it’s going to cost them, too. Totally makes sense.

Good luck, guys.

Are Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Reuniting?

So there’s been a lot of speculation about Rupert Sanders directing the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel, and not bringing Kristen Stewart back for it, really only focusing on Chris Hemsworth and his storyline, and then there’s been the other story, that Rupert himself is scrapped and Kristen and Chris carry on as it was originally intended, and now we finally know the truth.

Watch the video to find out.

Let’s Read About Rupert Sanders Creeping on Kristen Stewart

A photo of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

Not to be rude, or, well, not to be all the way rude, but Rupert Sanders is so creepy, right? He just gives off these awful creeper vibes, and it’s not just because he cheated on his wife with a woman almost half his age, or because he was the director of a film who had an affair with his leading actress. No, I feel like if I had known who Rupert Sanders was before this whole thing went down, I’d still be like “hey, weirdo.” Is that fair to say?

If you don’t get those same vibes, go ahead and read this interview, then let me know if you changed your mind:

When news broke that Rupert Sanders had a tryst with Kristen Stewart, cheating on his model wife Liberty Ross, many wondered what would draw Rupert away from his gorgeous wife. As a interview detailing his first impression of Kristen, given before word of the affair was out, has just been released, we might understand his decision a little more.

Rupert tells Vogue UK, of his first impression, “She’d burnt her lower pelvis area, quite low down. She was bandaging a bad burn there, in her very tight jeans, with a Camel clamped between her teeth. That was my very first image of her.”

Beyond the very provocative first meeting, he says, “She’s got this masculine edge. She’s like this beautiful tomboy or something. What surprised me most when I met Kristen was how unlike the character of Bella Swan she was in real life.”

“She was so tough, so grown up. She was exactly the modern badass version of Snow White that I was looking for. I wanted that young, spirited, rebellious warrior, and she epitomized all of that,” he adds.

Perhaps giving a warning that Sanders wanted more than just a professional relationship he compared Kristen and his wife Liberty together, with the 22 year-old winning out as “royalty” in comparison – OUCH! He went on: “There’s a look they share. Kristen is almost like royalty the way she understands what she has to do, in the way that she has to learn to compartmentalize… Well, Lib’s quite ‘regal’ or something as well.”

Ok, so the first time Rupert saw Kristen, she was bandaging a vag burn? Awesome. Oh, and she was a “beautiful tomboy” who was “so grown up.” Creeper. And oh, that comparison he made between Kristen and his wife. That’s just awesome. I’m still not buying that Kristen was an innocent victim, based on the pictures and basically everything Kristen has ever said about herself, but man. What a giant, gross old creepy creeper.

This Video Totally Proves That Kristen Stewart Never Cheated on Robert Pattinson

Thank goodness. I’m so glad that someone finally made a video of those photos of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders with lots of lines and some weird thing about feet and circles around flowers and fences and all. I’m just like, why did no one do this earlier? If someone could have so easily proved that the love between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson really is pure and unbreakable, then why are we just now seeing that?

I guess I shouldn’t be so suspicious after this kind person has fixed my entire soul with this superb video (and with the help of a Bowie song!), it’s just that we’ve all been so broken for the past couple of months, and it’s obviously been for no reason. It’s hard to forget all the pain that we’ve been through, but I suppose that now there’s nothing left to do but rebuild. So let’s start, friends. Together.

Liberty Ross Wants Rupert Sanders Back

A photo of Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders

Or, if you’re a more casual gossiper, that guy that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with and his wife are working things out.

From TMZ:

Liberty Ross — the wife of director Rupert Sanders who cheated on her with Kristen Stewart — has already seen a divorce lawyer … TMZ has learned … but her goal is reconciliation.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ … although Liberty has lawyered up, her end game is NOT divorce.   In fact, Liberty and Rupert have already been to a marriage and family therapist.  Our sources say, when they were photographed together on Tuesday in Beverly Hills (above), they were coming out of an office building where they met with the psychologist.

Although Liberty is not wearing her wedding ring, we’re told her goal is figuring out why Rupert cheated and getting some sort of assurance he views what he did as a terrible mistake that he won’t repeat.

Gross. Rupert Sanders is so gross. At least I can look at Kristen Stewart sometimes and not feel sick to my stomach, but Rupert? He just seems so … gross. Keep in mind that he and Liberty have been together since she was 17 and he was 25, all right? That was 16 years ago. Oh, but sure, fella, go right ahead and go down on the girl from Twilight in broad daylight. In public. Totally. Sounds like a great plan. What a prick.

Here’s what I don’t get: how could Liberty get over this whole thing? I don’t understand how she, or anyone who’s been cheated on, especially if there are marriages and children involved, can ever just get over it. Not that I imagine she’ll dwell on this everyday for the rest of her life, but wouldn’t it come up? And wouldn’t it be just so awful? And whenever Rupert did anything, wouldn’t there be a twinge of “oh, you’re going to the supermarket? Are you sure you’re not going to bang Kristen Stewart?” I just don’t see how you could ever be able to fully trust that person again and have a good relationship after your partner had an affair. Or went down on sweaty ol’ Kristen Stewart in a car.

And their poor kids … his daughter is 7, is that old enough to be a Twihard? Because if so, it’s going to suck so, so hard when she goes back to school. God, Rupert Sanders, way to f-ck up everything.