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Robert Pattinson Is Going to Have A Talk with Rupert Sanders

A photo of Robert Pattinson

Oh, you didn’t think that we were going to stop talking about this anytime soon, did you? I sure hope not, because The Great Kristen Stewart Scandal of 2012 is still going so, so strong. I imagine it will be like the The Great Scientology Divorce, also of 2012, only with more stories to keep the kids hooked. Something to look forward to!

Anyway, as we’ve already heard, poor Robert Pattinson has been taking this news hard, and understandably so. But now we’re hearing that while Rob doesn’t feel like talking to Kristen right now, he is planning on having a man-to-man chat with Rupert Sanders. Oh, Robert:

Robert Pattinson isn’t only heartbroken over his girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheating on him, he’s curious about what really happened and has exclusively learned he wants to go straight to the source, Rupert Sanders.

“Rob wants to have a man to man chat with Rupert to find out exactly what happened between him and Kristen,” a source close to the Twilight star exclusively told

“Kristen has already betrayed his trust by cheating, so he can’t be sure that she will tell him exactly what went on between her and Rupert. Rupert has a wife and a family to save, so Rob feels like he has nothing left to lose and would be honest with him.”

The insider went on to reveal that Rob feels doubly betrayed because he trusted Rupert as the director of Kristen’s film Snow White and the Huntsman and had no idea the two were getting so close while he wasn’t around.

“Rob really was blindsided by this and he’s going through the typical stages of being cheated on,” the source said. “He was hurt and heartbroken, then angry and pissed off, and now he just wants answers. He feels like he needs to know exactly what happened, how far it went and how many times, so he can figure out if this is something he can move past. He’s not ready to talk with Kristen, it’s too painful, so he’s going to Rupert.”

Kristen released a statement on Wednesday calling the affair a “momentary indiscretion” and reiterated her love for Rob, but new photos released on Thursday of Kristen and Rupert getting cozy in Germany in May have Rob questioning Kristen’s apology.

“Rob just doesn’t know who or what to believe right now,” the source said. “And he’ll do whatever it takes to find out the truth.”

It also appears that not only is Robert upset that Kristen cheated, but he’s also upset over her public apology. You know, because that was the first time that either of them ever fully admitted that they were in a relationship, and he thinks that was a shitty way to confirm it.

Can someone make a Kickstarter account so we can raise money to throw Robert a really fancy tea party to cheer him up? Because I feel like boyfriend needs a hug in the worst way.

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  • This is probably the worst idea he’s ever had. There seems to be general idea floating around that oral sex isn’t “real” sex. Rob, honey, it sure is real sex, so DON’T go talk to Rupert….and, yes, so are hand-jobs.

      • Thanks for reminding me. Yes, that’s cheating, too, unless you’re an actor doing it in a film. An officially married person doing anything associated with sex with someone not their spouse is cheating, in my opinion.

  • Talking to the jerk will make the whole situation worse.. they cheated on him and the wife, let them publicly squirm in shame and regret for long time.. he’s not bothered by calling them out.. Don’t mess with an angry English man.. heh.. YEAH.. wise Robert..

  • Rob I hate to tell you that Sanders will lie through his teeth. He has alot at stake and will do anything to keep from losing all his money to divorce lawyer. If indeed Kristen and Rob love each other and are willing to work on their relationship he should talk to Kristen not that jerk.And yes it was shitty the way she annouced their relationship to the work like that. I have been waiting for years for that moment and she blew it for me too,

  • i mean why the fuck is everyone including the media all blaming on kristen and sayin that she not only should apologize to robert but also to rupert and his fuckin kids and wife . y didnt anyone ever said anything about rupert apologizing to robert. i jus think that everyone loves kristen way the fuck too much and not being sincere enough thats why they are saying that they dont give a fuck about kristen now , they jus wanna see her fall and they jus wanna make fun of her now that she split with rob and that director doesnt have anything to do with kristen either.shes all fuckin bloody alone with no one to comfort her.

  • that director rupert is not even bloody that attractive and he’s he could be kristen s god damn father for christs sake . he’s twice the fuckin age as she is he must of fuckin brain washed krsiten in some way and for tryin so hard to allure her jus because she’s easy enough and naive enough to fall for his tricks. all this sweet talks . i mean wat kind of man in his forties would want to fuckin get into a relationship with a 22 yr old. sick and demented . oh u think u could jus snaggle into the back of ur car and get cozy and kiss a young girl half of ur age and begin a relationship with her and not get caught? ur becoming one hell of a goddamn day dreamer boy. and for that matter its not impossible to think that he wanted to get caught so that everyone the media would jus blame kristen and her attractiveness and therefore her reputation and life could be ruined. i mean how could a celebrity how could any celebrity not know that its not safe to kiss or to do anythin personal outside of their houses. ur bound to get ur pictures taken or video taped. and u would know the minute u step outside ur home ur being watched by the media. for christs sakes theres even a picture of kristen smokin a joint right outside of her house with her ex if u would google it. rupert is fucked so hard in the brain bros.

  • I agree with Sawyer. Robert should get an apology from him. Sanders is a sleeze. Like I have said from the beginning Sanders he had something to do with the pictures. Kristen looks like she could care less in the pictures. I think it was all a set up on his part.

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