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Lindsay Lohan Is in The Emergency Room

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

But don’t worry, she’s going to be ok! She just rear-ended an 18 wheeler. No big deal.

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan was in a bad car accident and is in the emergency room at an L.A. hospital … TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan was driving her black Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway when it slammed into theback of an 18 wheeler around noon. The Porsche is totaled. The passenger window was shattered and the bumper was fully off her car.

We’re told she did not go to the hospital by ambulance, although we are told an ambulance was called to the scene.

No word on her condition, although we’re told she seems ok.  Doctors are performing tests.

And in true Lindsay fashion, she’s claiming innocence from the hospital:

Lindsay was driving the car, and we’re told she’s saying that the accident wasn’t her fault, claiming the 18 wheeler cut her off.

TMZ also has photos from the scene of the accident, including this one:

And they’re still updating the story, so now we know that Lindsay was driving while her assistant was in the passenger seat, and that eyewitnesses are saying that both of them were “bleeding and bruised,” and her assistant was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Keep in mind that just a few hours ago, Sarah showed you guys photos of Lindsay leaving the Chateau Marmont looking incredibly wasted. What do you think the chances are of Lindsay being under some sort of influence while driving? Surely it’s too soon for another court case, right? No, she’s probably telling the truth, and the 18 wheeler just cut her off. It’s not like Lindsay has a history of having trouble operating a vehicle or anything.

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  • I’ve been cut off by 18 wheelers twice in the past three months. It’s not like a regular car, where you don’t see it coming or see it too late. It’s massive, and only a dumbass wouldn’t know how to avoid running into it. Seriously, you see the cab merging into your lane and the rest behind it, and you brake.

  • I’m confused, Lindsay has been reported as texting that she wasn’t driving the car, that it was her assistant and Lindsay never lies.

  • I’m glad she didn’t hit someone’s car, but instead the ass end of a truck, meaning that the truck driver is probably perfectly fine.
    Strange that she would take on a truck when baby carriages are more her speed. Must be good blow.

  • Honest. I think it is totally fine for her to sit drunk in a car. How many thousands of us have done that in a sober driver/cabs car? That is a billion times better than driving. But, I hope she is not badly injured, and hope her assistant isn’t switching seats and taking the fall.