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PHOTOS: Lindsay Leaves Chateau Marmont Totally Not Wasted At All

[images removed on request] The smeared lipstick (that, um, is lipstick, right?), the glassy eyes, the pin-prick pupils … yeah. Lindsay’s totally sober. Guys, she doesn’t even drink or whatever anymore. And despite popular reports that producers of the Gotti movie don’t want to have shit to do with girlfriend because this Liz Taylor role is going to completely bomb, Lindsay‘s rep has come forward to deny any association with the Gotti film moving forward.

From Celebuzz:

“I can confirm that Lindsay has not signed on to be a part of the John Gotti movie, nor is she in talks to join the cast,” the 25-year-old actress’ publicist Steve Honig said, in a statement.

The film is slated to star John Travolta and Al Pacino in the lead roles of the Gambino kingpin John Gotti and underboss Aniello John “The Tall Guy” Dellacrose.

“It does not look like an agreement can be made,” Honig added.

“Lindsay’s representatives and film producers were unable to come to an agreement. Lindsay has the utmost respect for [director] Barry Levinson and the producers and hopes to work with them in the future and wishes them all the best.”

Previously, Mean Girls star Lohan called her casting a huge honor and touted her personal connection to the Gotti family.

“My dad was in jail with the grandfather,” she said, referring to dad Michael’s four-year stretch in prison, where Lohan said the jailbirds “crossed paths.”

And that’s something to be proud of, too, Linds. Good God, girl. Stick to what you do best. Hint—it’s in these photos. Bigger hint—it’s getting wasted and acting a fool in public. TOTAL GIVEAWAY—It’s all you’ve got left.

[images removed on request]


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  • not quite sure what pics your looking at but she looks completely sober. there is no smeared lipstick, doesn’t even look like she’s wearing any lipstick and her pupils are not pin pricked at all nor are they glassy. get some new glasses and stop making up shit just for the sake of attacking someone.