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So, Lindsay May or May Not Have Hit a Pedestrian Pushing a Stroller With Her Maserati

I first saw this story break on TMZ, and you know they’re usually right on their stories, but I was kind of skeptical. I figured that we’d hear a whole hell of a lot more about the story than just a small blurb that vaguely outlined what may or may not have happened. Then, like, seconds later, I got an email tip from Radar Online saying that it definitely was true, and that they have the video footage proving it, so I watched it.

The video, which you can view here, was shot (and sold) by an ‘amateur videographer,’ and showed a nanny pushing a stroller that had a crying baby inside. The pap was overheard asking the woman if she was okay, and zoomed in to show what appeared to be Lindsay’s Maserati driving away. The ‘hit’ was apparently not filmed, just the whole ‘running’ part, I guess.

Onlookers claim that Lindsay, in her car, exited her apartment building and instead of stopping at the red light, paused and continued, which resulted in the aforementioned accident. Witnesses involved also say that Lindsay didn’t even see the woman pushing the stroller, and that her car ‘clipped’ the stroller, knocking three of the four wheels off of the ground, and also struck the nanny in the leg.

So, what do you guys think? Is she really being this non-careful (she just got her license back, what, a week ago?), or are the paparazzi out on a witch hunt? If the story turns out to be true, Lindsay’s going to be in some (more) hot water. But if not, the videographer in question who sold the tape might have some soup of his own to deal with.