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But What Did Kim Get Kanye for His Birthday?

A photo of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

I know, you guys. I know. Two stories about the beautiful love of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in one day, that’s got to be a nauseating first, right? But listen, it’s Kanye’s birthday, and around these parts, we treat birthdays like the special days they are, and Kanye isn’t going to be excluded from that just because he’s a jackass.

But let’s think about this for a moment: if you were shopping for someone like Kanye West, what would you get him? He certainly has more than enough money to buy himself whatever he wants, so I’d probably go with something more sentimental, like a picture of us in a cute frame or something like that. I’d get him a sweet card too, and write something really meaningful in it. Then I’d take him to a nice dinner somewhere, or cook something for him. I find that when I have no idea at all what kind of gift to give someone, just generally making a big fuss works well.

Does Kanye’s loving girlfriend, Kim, think the same way as I do? Nope. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Because here’s what she decided to give Kanye:

It’s a Lamborghini, if you’re not familiar with excessively fancy cars. A Lamborghini that cost Kim about $750,000. Honestly.

Kanye’s on tour right now in Ireland, so he won’t be able to receive his gift just yet. The good news is that Kim is flying all the way to Ireland tonight to be with her man on the day he turns 35. And isn’t that the sweetest part of all?

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  • When you see this kind of extravagance among celebrities it almost makes you wish the United States would become a socialist country. The fact that undeserving clowns like this have access to funds like this, and then spend it like this, is nothing short of an atrocity. It makes me ill to think just how many needy people could be fed, housed, and educated with $750k.

  • Well!! What else can she possibly get him? It’s not as if she has any talent or a stunning personality. She has nothing that all of H-Wood or the world hasn’t seen let’s not forget ..the. NFL,R&B singers,Rappers,the NBA and that’s just who we know …she’s nothing but a glorified groupie trash bag!!!

  • thank GOD she had that sham wedding she made so much money off of!! otherwise she may have never been able to afford to give him such an extravagant gift!! such an astute business woman.

  • ? Nooooobody knows the troubles they seedeeen Nooooobody knows they sorroooow .. ? ?dcy! Breaking into black spiritualist’s songsThey’re famous because their pop was Robert Kardashian, Sr. and O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer. Before the Dream Team took over. I don’t get thesereality shows at all.