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Today Is Lindsay’s Big Day!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

And since it’s such a big day for Lindsay, I decided to use my very favorite photo of her to celebrate. I know you missed it!

But what’s the big occasion, you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you. Today’s the day that Lindsay will go to court, and she’s all set to be done with probation! You guys, this is the first time she’ll be off probation in four years. Just think of all the shit she’s pulled in the past four years while she was on probation. Can you imagine what a hellion she’ll be when she doesn’t have to answer to anybody?

Enough of all that, though. Let’s focus on the good, because Lindsay’s actually done a lot of good! She’s completed all of her court-appointed therapy sessions, and just yesterday she finished up her last bit of community service at the morgue. Some paps ran into her afterwards, and they were able to get a few words in with her:

Do you hear that? This is the last time we’ll see her in court! And hopefully this won’t be like that time I said “this is the last time I watch the video of Alicia Silverstone spitting food into her kid’s mouth” or like that time that I said “this is the last time I do online shopping while crying and eating ice cream.” Because that’s the only way this could have a happy ending. And I really, really think it would be awesome if this could have a happy ending.

She just has to make it a few more hours, you guys. That’s it. Lindsay Lohan just has to get through the next few hours without breaking any laws (hitting someone with her car doesn’t count). It doesn’t seem that hard, but then again, this is Lindsay we’re talking about. Obeying the law isn’t exactly what she’s known for.

Can she make it? Can she finally be a truly free woman, or will she stumble into the courtroom an hour late with coke on her nose? Stay tuned!