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Lindsay Lohan Went to Jail for Four Hours Last Night

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Well, four and a half hours. That makes it better, right? That instead of the mere minutes we were told Lindsay would spend behind bars, she got a few hours? That’s satisfying, huh?

No. No, it really isn’t.

There’s no word yet on if Lindsay’s Sunday Evening Jailhouse Romp, which lasted from 8:48 PM to 1:30 AM, yielded another magnificent mug shot, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. We always do!

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  • Soft Hollywood justice is alive and well. The sole purpose of state and federal law is not to benefit Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein bankrolled the political campaign of Hillary Clinton. It makes you think. How many complimentary tickets to the Hollywood casting couch have been issued to politicians and district attorney’s by Weinstein and the Hollywood elite? Is it the casting couch that have made Hollywood untouchable and above the law. This is food for thought.