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Nadya Suleman’s Bellybutton Still Looks Like Voldemort Incarnate

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… But not the hot Ralph Fiennes-Voldemort, I’m talking about the scary, creepy CGI Voldemort from back during the early Harry Potter movies, to be sure.

So from the magazine cover there, can you guess what Nadya‘s been doing? Yeah, she’s been posing in her skivvies, obviously, but for what purpose? Why, for the same damned purpose she’s had time and time again – looking for something to pay her rent, because who wants to babysit *fourteen demonic children who everyone hates while Nadya has to, I don’t know, go out and get an actual job? No, because there’s still apparently an audience out there who want to see this woman flaunting all of the piss-poor plastic surgery that could have paid for years’ worth of rent someplace that isn’t going to cost $2500 a month.

From TMZ:

Nadya Suleman is days away from being homeless … the house she owns that has been in and out of foreclosure for more than a year will be sold at an auction Thursday … so Octo needs a new crib for her brood … stat.

The dilemma — getting first and last month’s rent together, so Octo has gone naked. She posed for the European magazine, “Closer.”

Sources tell TMZ … Octo got $10,000 for the shoot, which is what she needs to rent a new place.

Octo is being very up front now about some misgivings about having 14 kids, saying, “I’m doing that (posing nude) because I need to feed my kids. I need to pay the bills. And I’m still very cognizant of the repercussions of my choices.”

Amazing what some people can be reduced to all in the name of love for their children, you know?

*Her words, guys, not mine.

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