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Nadya Suleman’s Stomach as Voldemort

photo of nadya suleman stomach after pregnancy pictures photos

No, I’m kidding. I mean, her stomach does quite resemble Voldemort’s slitted nose, but honestly? Despite the fact that she’s birthed an equivalent to a very small country’s population, girlfriend’s stomach here doesn’t actually look all that bad. I’ve seen women who’ve birthed one – count ’em one – child, and their stomach … well, God love them, it’ll never be the same to say the least.

It’s also apparent that Octo hasn’t gotten any kind of plastic surgery on her torso, or if she did, she definitely went the budget route.

What do you guys think of the lady’s tummy? Have you seen much, much worse for much, much less, too?

Image courtesy of TMZ

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  • My stomach looks much worse. I was fat for 20 years and now that I lost the weight its just gross.

    If I knew then what I know now, I would like to say I would have put down the Cheetos, but likely I was too depressed to care about ruining tummy skin.

  • I’m a mother of triplets and am very lucky because my tummy looks SO much better than many I know that have only had one child. I guess I was just blessed with supple skin. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone that had five previous pregnancies, one a twin, and then that monstrous belly fully of 8 to have this current look naturally. Nadya has had a good square yard of skin removed, thus the weird navel and deep scars around her hips. Tell-tale tummy-tuck scars.

  • Uh, of course she had plastic surgery. And sorry, not all the money in the world can make you look like what you did before 14+ kids.