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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are Bringing a Third Party Into Their Relationship

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Bwahahahah! What, you actually thought that I meant Eddie and LeAnn were going to have a baby? And ruin that fine-ass figure? Hell-to-the-no! Eddie wouldn’t touch that snatch with a ten-foot pole if it got all stretched out and gummy because some dumb fetus might have to pass through on its way out to the world. And a c-section? God, what’s worse? A ripped up birth canal, or having to look at a nasty scar each and every time you tried to get your rocks off? There’s just no good choices there.

No, the third party I’m talking about is LeAnn’s friend, Lizzy, who was being molested by LeAnn in all of these photos, much to the sheer enjoyment of Eddie and some dude.

And also, I checked LeAnn’s Twitter account today to see if she had made some kind of statement about how she doesn’t condone lesbianism and only has eyes for her douchebag husband, but I didn’t find anything. Actually, no, that’s not entirely correct – the only things I found were a bunch of auto-generated Virgo horoscopes and … and, well, she changed her handle to ‘LeAnn Rimes Cibrian’. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t follow LeAnn on Twitter (you can follow us too, you know), because I do, so I’m the first to admit that I had not yet seen that she changed her last name via addendum. LeAnn Rimes Cibrian? My goodness. Someone’s trying awfully hard, now, aren’t they? How long has this been going on, anyhow?

But back to the faux-lesbianism. Come on. Does she really think this is the ticket? Is poor LeAnn that deluded that she’s willing to do absolutely anything in her power to keep her ill-gotten gains? And is Eddie actually enjoying this? And if not, what more can LeAnn do to ensure that the fires of their marriage don’t peter out? Because nothing says, “I love you forever, baby” like stimulating your husband’s desire for girl-on-girl action once he starts getting bored with just you and your crap implants.


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  • When Leann got the “only one that matters” foot tattoo, wasn’t it obvious that there was a third party(this is Eddie we are talking about, so there might be more parties involved) involved in Eddie’s and Leann’s marriage and that Eddie is bored with Leann? Eddie’s been bored with Leann for a very, very, very, very long time. When Leann started single white femaling Brandi, it was obvious that Eddie was bored with Leann. When Leann invited Liz on her honeymoon, it was obvious that Eddie was bored with Leann. When Leann got a tattoo on her foot in response to Eddie’s ex-mistress being on RHOBH, it was obvious that Eddie was bored with Leann. Leann sits on twitter all day long tweeting about BG and EC kids, and that is one major indication that Eddie is bored with Leann. Eddie is always drunk or has alcohol in his hands, which is another major indication that he is bored with Leann.

    It’s also very obvious why Leann would resort to making out with Liz. Everyone has seen those photos of Eddie flirting with Liz while they were in Hawaii and of Eddie watching Liz’s husband grab her butt. So the better question is what is going on between Eddie and Liz? It’s funny that it’s taken the media this long to finally notice that Eddie and Leann’s marriage isn’t as solid as they would have us all believe. Liz and her husband go on just about every vacation with Eddie and Leann, they were even with Leann and Eddie on their honeymoon.

    What makes this so disgusting is the fact that Eddie is enjoying it. Which is odd considering that Leann promotes Eddie as a loving and devoted husband who only has eyes for her. And then he kisses her on the cheek as if he was rewarding her for being a “good dog”.

  • I forgot to add, every media outlet has left out the most disgusting part of all. There were children present at the cabin with them, if you read Leann’s tweets you will see that they took Eddie’s sons on vacation with them. So where were Eddie’s sons while all this was going on between Leann, Liz, and Eddie on the balcony? Did they lock them in a bathroom or one of the cabin rooms? Did they sit them in front of a TV and let Yo Gabba Gabba babysit them?

  • Un…insecure and attention seeking chicks have been pulling this whole “lesbian” schtick forever now. Big whoop.

  • 30-year-old male wearing baseball cap backwards (except when playing catcher behind home plate) = douche-tard.

  • I think that everyone hates these people SO much that they see what they want. What I see here is 2 women cheek to cheek, look at the pic closer, their mouths are NOT touching, its their cheeks! They are just goofing around, probably because they know the paps are taking pics (as always), and they are giving all of you what you want…something to talk about! And how does ANYONE know how Eddie feels, or if he’s bored, have you talked to him personally? I think ALOT of the negative comments on these pics are from Very jealous people who would love to have the life that these two have!

    • No one is jealous! No one would want to be in their shoes! People just don’t like them! Period!

    • So that is Leann’s damage control? That people are seeing what they want to see? So that actually ISN’T Leann’s face buried in Liz’s chest, either, right? If Leann and Liz were just cheek to cheek, then why is Eddie egging them on and taking photos? If Leann and Liz were just cheek to cheek, then how come Leann excluded that particular photo from her twitter page? Leann has no one but herself to blame. Just think, Leann could have avoided all of this had she not invited the paps to Mammoth with her and posted all those twitpics to her twitter account as if she was trying to prove something. Leann and Eddie get negative comments because they keep doing stupid things.

      How does anyone know how Eddie feels? People know that Eddie is bored with Leann Rimes for one reason and one reason only; LEANN RIMES, herself. If it weren’t for Leann’s daily staged photo-ops, twitpics, 24/7 tweeting, blog entries, tattoos, single white femaling of Eddie’s ex-wife, staged pda photo-ops at LAX/beach in which EC either looks drunk or has alcohol in his hands, then no one would even know that Eddie was bored with Leann. So you see you don’t have to know Eddie personally to know that he is bored with Leann, just look at how much time Leann spends tweeting about children who don’t even belong to her or how Leann has to give Eddie an incentive just to get him to hold her hand. Why does Leann have to give Eddie an incentive: race car driving gig, MJ golf tournment, Rizzoli & Isles, Don Julio, make out session with Liz, just to get Eddie’s “love”?

      What life do Leann and Eddie have? If Leann and Eddie were happy in their marriage or their lives together, then we wouldn’t be seeing Leann making out with Liz and Eddie egging her on and Eddie only showing affection to Leann only after he was drunk and she made out with Liz. Seriously, Leann slept with a married man. So the only person who is Very jealous is the woman or man who sleeps with another person’s spouse.

    • Of course Leann and Eddie knew the paps were there watching; afterall, Leann invited them. Leann has a deal with the media outlet who posted the photos. Leann is notorious for inviting the paps on vacation with her and “her family” and she admitted on Chelsea Lately that she and Eddie set up staged photo-ops with the paps to control what they print about them. So what message was Leann trying to control here? That if we see photos of Eddie and Liz making out, grinding on one another, or stripping together, don’t take it seriously because they are just goofing around and there is nothing going on between Eddie and Liz?

      So then the question becomes, why were Leann and Liz more concerned about giving people something to talk instead of the very young children who were at the cabin with them? Isn’t that irresponsible and selfish, considering how Leann is always tweeting about how she and Eddie put his kid’s first, take the high road, and are teaching the boys morals and manners? What morals and manners did Leann and Eddie teach them with this stunt? That TNT, ACM awards, and Micheal Jordan golf tournment rewards bad behavior?Considering how Leann tweeted a twitpic of the boys and Eddie at the cabin and made over 20 tweets about the boys being at the cabin with them, shouldn’t Leann have been more concerned about how goofing around on a balcony with Liz would come across to the boys’ teachers and classmates? Leann sees the paps and the first thing she thinks is that she is going to give people something to talk about, and not about how the parents or teachers at EC sons’ schools would perceive her, Eddie’s, and Liz’s behavior?