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Love It or Leave It: LeAnn Rimes’ Crazy Cleavage and Other Majorly Awkward Racks of Tinseltown

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Wow. I’m off the grid for a whole four days, and LeAnn Rimes decides to go all buck-wild with that crazy cleavage of hers. I’m starting to think she rivals Audrina Patridge for the most Awkward Cleavage in Hollywood, and that’s quite some feat, guys.

LeAnn here was photographed at some blah-blah-blah event this past weekend, where she wore this dress and rocked that cleavage. If you can use the word “rock,” though I kind of think it’s appropriate in its own way. Her two tits kind of look like rocks, and the massive, uneven crevice that runs between them quite reminds me of something that a great river, much like the Colorado, would cut between two gritty, stone-faced mountainous peaks.

And since we’re on the topic of awkward cleavage (no, I’m not going to horrify you with quips about how nuts my ‘cleavage’ is going right now), let’s talk about those awkward Hollywood titties, shall we? LeAnn here is definitely taking the number one slot, but wait – there’s more.

Like I said, there’s Audrina Patridge. Check these things out:

photo of audrina patridge pictures cleavage boobs pics
Oh! And Tara Reid. She’s got some pretty wonky boobs, too:

photo of tara reid boobs pictures photos pics
And how could we forget darling Tori Spelling?:

photo of tori spelling boob job pictures photos
Then, of course, you have the boobs that were augmented, like, forty years ago. This might be one of the first boob jobs to ever occur! Can you say ‘Sharon Stone’? What the hell happened there?:

photo of sharon stone breast implants boob job pictures photos
Finally, there’s Victoria Beckham, who looks like she has grapefruit halves stuck underneath her already-protruding ribcage. Awesome:

photo of victoria beckham pictures photos breast boob job pics
Welcome to the club, LeAnn! Your peers are grateful that you’re in, because woo! Who do you guys think owns the strangest knockers in all of Hollywood?

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  • Remember those stories about how parents were rewarding their teenage daugters with breast implants for their graduations? Well these photos could serve to deter those parents and girls from getting those surgeries. The strangest breast implants in HW goes to Leann Rimes. Why are her implants sagging(like the implant is migrating)?Why is the gap between her implants so huge? Why is one implant deflated? I’m not saying that she should be ashamed of her stretch marks, but the problem comes when you can’t appreciate the designer because all you can focus on is the fact that her implants are covered in stretch marks. If Leann has friends who love and care about her like she claims on twitter and in her interviews, why did they allow her to step out in public looking like this? Wouldn’t Eddie Cibrian had said, “Hey Leann don’t wear that dress because it doens’t flatter you at all”, if he cared about Leann? Did she not look at herself in a mirror? How could she possibly think that she “rocked” this oufit? Was she drunk or just drugged up?

  • Loved enhanced Audrina Patridge! She was unique and gorgeous! Toned and slender yet with ample curves and cleavage! She made everything she wore look better by giving it shape and style. No one wore a bikini better than “The Hills” Audrina! Its sad she went through such a drastic reduction procedure. Flattened, sagging, no cleavage Audrina is a shadow of her former glorius self.

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