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PETA Backs Courtney Stodden While Courtney Stodden Backs PETA

And my IQ just dropped a whole thirty points lower because I wrote that headline. Yes, Courtney Stodden has been contracted by PETA to push their anti-animal cruelty agenda, and who better to accommodate young, impressionable audiences than a seventeen-year-old girl who’s married to a dude that’s about to collect social security? Right on! Maybe there should be a foundation out there to protect young women out there from making stupid-ass decisions and marrying sexual T-Rexes who should actually have the last name “Hutchinson” because it’s way easier to type than “Hutchison.” I f-ck it up every time, man.

Anyway, the best part of the clip is when Courtney says “I switched to a vegetarian.” What does that even mean? And what does it have to do with tits? Because the only message I’m getting from this video is that the science behind plastic surgery is, though disturbing and often misused, unbelievable.

The video gets pretty graphic at the 1:26 mark (don’t say I didn’t warn you, because the cow head spurting blood didn’t make me very happy, because I love animals despite the fact that I eat meat), so tune out or skip past it or close your eyes for a few seconds, because guys, it’s not pretty, but that’s PETA for you. They make a living off of promoting brutal videos of animal slaughter in an attempt to scare people into “switching to a vegetarian,” and not to open Pandora’s box or anything, but how is that any different than the uber-conservative, uber-graphic anti-abortion videos that show babies in utero … well, you know what I mean. Disturbing. And I don’t like it. I had a hard time watching the rest of the video because of it, for fear that there’d be more animal cruelty that’d scar my psyche for the rest of my life and really f-ck up being able to sate my hamburger cravings for a while.

Also? Here’s a little Courtney tidbit in case you were interested, or not in the VIP club on girlfriend’s new website – her dog’s name is Bizarre. Bizarre. The dog. It’s name is BIZARRE.

What? It’s appropriate, and way better than ‘Don’t Put It On Me, Girl’.

… Or IS IT?

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  • they contracted her to get attention, obviously. otherwise you probably wouldn’t post this video, right?

  • PETA don’t cut cow’s heads off, so don’t get so annoyed at them. They’re showing what’s already happening anyways. It would be hypocritical not to. Like, eating meat is bad because of the way the meat is produced, but take our word for it. No, it won’t work. You must know how the meat comes to your table. So, now you know. And of course, this is what happens with embryos (note: not babies) in utero when they’re being aborted – death. It is what it is, and showing it or not showing it doesn’t change the fact. Now, choices might be changed due to knowing exactly what happens, and that’s exactly PETA’s agenda – to change people’s attitude towards meat and fur products. I can’t watch this as I am 37 weeks pregnant and I already almost went mad after watching Earthlings once, but I totally agree that people should be exposed to the reality of things regardless of how tough or painful it might seem to them.

    • You’re quite an idiot, aren’t you? Keep in mind, Courtney wears fur, and feathers, and leather. She dyes her dog pink.

  • Must ask: who from PETA said they supported her? Courtney and company have a big problem with lying. The commercial she said was for Free Credit Report? They came out and denied they’d hired her, said this was NOT a commercial being done for them. PETA does NOT have her listed as a spokesperson anywhere. They have a bad habit of saying ‘so-and-so’ supports them, or said this and that, when it is patently UNTRUE. Like her ‘beauty pageant’ title, they make this shit up.