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Courtney Stodden’s Got A Classy New Website!

A photo of Courtney Stodden

LOL, no, not really. I’m sorry. Well, Courtney Stodden does have a new website, but it’s not classy. In no way is it classy. You guys didn’t think it was classy, did you?

But anyway, back to Courtney’s new site. It’s still in the process of coming together, but it’s going to be fantastic, really, you can just tell. There’s a boutique section, and while nothing’s there yet, the site assures you that it is “busy getting the hottest posters and pics ready for you.” I know most of us have dreamed for so long of getting an actual poster of Courtney to hang in our homes, and I can’t believe this dream is almost coming true!

There’s also a gallery that, so far, only has a few pictures of Courtney lying in a bed, tangled up in some sheets, and a video section that has the videos from her YouTube page. There’s also a section for her songs, but there aren’t any up yet. BUT, when she releases her new single, it will go straight on the website, and VIP members get to hear it first! I signed up for the VIP membership, because why wouldn’t I, so I suppose I’ll hear first when this surely legendary song comes out. Oh, the possibilities!

My favorite part so far though has got to be the “About” section:

Courtney Alexis Stodden was born on August 29th, 1994, in Tacoma, Washington.

At the age of fifteen, Courtney was crowned Miss Ocean Shores Wa. Teen USA in Donald Trump’s Miss USA Organization.

The young model’s passion for music led to her composing and recording several original homegrown songs/videos. One of which –Don’t Put It On Me Girl — has garnered over 3.5 million YouTube views to date.

In just nine short months — since moving to Los Angeles in May 2011 — the seventeen year old has captivated the attention of Hollywood and international media at large with her extraordinary beauty, daring personality, and fearless persistence foralways “being herself”.

Courtney’s meteoric celebrity has garnered the young rising star a number of accolades including VH-1’s Top 40 Winningest Winners of 2011 , Fox411’s Breakout Web Celeb of 2011, and The Huffington Post’s Biggest Celebrity Story of 2011.Thus far, in 2012, Courtney’s recorded a brand new song entitled Reality , in the process of producing the accompanied music vid, modelling for various projects including AIDS Fight organization Be-the-Link, a celebrity spokesperson for animal rights group PETA, starring in episodes on the internet comedic sensation Funny or Die, and in the process of creating her own online magazine called Courtney.

Ouch, no mention of poor Doug? If it wasn’t for that creeper, no one would ever even know she existed. And speaking of her existence, I’m not quite so sure that her “extraordinary beauty” is what captivated us. I really believe it had more to do with that creepy factor I just mentioned.

Well, that’s the rundown. Will any of you be joining me in my VIP membership, or should I just let you know how things are going from the inside?

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  • *sigh* it’s kind of sad when people aren’t fully aware they’re being made fun of, like, it didn’t get 3.5 million views because she’s the next Beyonce

  • She’s a drugged up no talent nobody. The only people who are interested are skeevy pervs and fans of train wrecks. She will never be a Katy Perry or a Natalie Portman. Too many beautiful talented girls out there. She will be the Denny’s graveyard shift hostess at best. And her queen of a “husband” already kissed his meager career bye bye.

  • Oh, Hell to the yes, Emily!!! I can’t let you wade off into that steamy, sweaty, sizzling, sexy and all those other “s” words , by yourself! I’m a funny chick, but I always need good material and this little ho is pure gold!!!

  • “…she was crowned”??? Really? She’d never done a pageant before…that title they made up themselves! NO ONE GAVE IT TO HER. It was a low-budget affair in a gymnasium in a low-rent town outside Seattle. And she didn’t come even close to winning!

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