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I Know You Wanted to Know All About Nadya Suleman’s Sex Life

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Ready? Say it with me now: euuuurrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

With zero prettying it up, here are the latest Nadya Suleman sex quotes from the illustrious Steppin’ Out magazine:

“I only had one boyfriend my whole life and I never loved him. I only wanted babies.”

“I can tell you that I never touched him [my ex-husband] physically. It was a different type of marriage. That’s all I want to say about it. I’m the kind of person who can be with a man for years and never touch him. My mind is not wired that way. I don’t need that kind of thing. People need sex, but I don’t .. I have zero sexual interest.”

“I’ve never even touched myself in that way. Maybe if I had touched myself things would be different. It’s like a trigger food. I never tried it so I don’t know what I’m missing.”

“I couldn’t even imagine kissing something. I’ll be your friend but it would take at least five years for me to even consider having sex with you.”

Oh dear God in heaven, she lost me when she started talking about masturbation. I mean, it’s all clearly apparent, now, as to why she continually turns down porn offers despite the fact she’s eventually going to lose the roof over her head.

Also? I don’t know why I’m so morbidly fascinated by this woman; I really don’t. I mean, it’s not as if she’s got any talent to base her unwarranted “fame” form, nor does she have a scintillating, sharp personality that compensates for her bizarre plastic surgeries and comments about hating children.

Before she knows it, she’s going to be the frigid old lady who lives in a shoe – ’cause I know I sure wouldn’t touch that shit with a ten-foot pole, how about you? Does this new information make her more appealing, or even less appealing to you?

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  • Look at her belly button! Clearly they made her a belly button after a tummy tuck, but it looks so fake.

  • I call bullshit. If you don’t have any sexual feelings and are not wired “that way” then you don’t go out of your way to get plastic surgery to look (her version of) hot. You wear a mu-mu and flip flops while looking like, well, like some women do after a bunch of kids and not giving a shit about anything.

  • I can’t top these comments but, I will add, she thinks everyone hates her because they’re jealous! I know, right? She paid BIG BUCKS to make her face like that! She was sorta cute in her 20’s before she started all the plastics & botox. She’ll never tell the truth about that or anything. I just want her to go away & try to mother those poor, pitiful kids. OMG, saw pics of them & whoa! She’s collecting some big bucks for disabled kids I bet!