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Nadya Suleman

Octomom Nadya Suleman Is Being Investigated For Welfare Fraud

octomom nadya suleman

Wap wap waaaaaaap. Octomom Nadya Suleman may have taken the piss out of the US welfare system for the last time, as she’s now being investigated for fraud. Basically, she claimed she was broke when she wasn’t (that porn must’ve made her some dough) and now the government is seizing her financial records to prove that she’s been stealing money from taxpayers. Get angry, America!

From TMZ:

Welfare fraud officials obtained a search warrant to seize Octo’s financial and employment records — because they smell a rat.

We broke the story … the L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation (WFP&I), has been investigating Nadya Suleman after getting a tip that she was collecting welfare in 2012  … when she grossed more than $200,000.

According to the warrant — obtained by TMZ — investigators have targeted 2 locations — the home and office of Octo’s manager, the person who presumably has financial records showing what’s up.

As we previously reported, Octo and her 14 kids are entitled to get welfare benefits if she earns less than $119,000 in a calendar year.  But there’s evidence she made a lot more and still grabbed public assistance money.

If the hunch is right, Octo can be prosecuted for welfare fraud, and if she’s convicted she could face 3 years in prison.

She’s definitely been stealing benefits – but how did it take these people like, 4 years to figure this out and look into? Sure, she got off benefits for a short while due to all the porn, but she got right back on it afterwards, which… whatever. People are crazy.

Octomom Wants to Do More Porn!

A photo of Nadya Suleman

Ok, I’ll be honest with you: that’s not exactly what she said. Octomom didn’t just come right out and say that she’s interested in masturbating on camera again. But she did allude to it, and I still think it’s very possible.

First things first – did you know that Octomom’s porn just won an award? It was announced Best Celebrity Sex Tape at the AVN Awards, which is actually kind of a big deal. Huffington Post asked her about it, and here’s what she had to say:

“Seriously, it has not sunk in yet. This is fantastic — what an honor. Hopefully, this award will open doors to more opportunities. I’m proud I did this movie. It helped me grow into a woman. ‘Octomom Home Alone’ is a true reflection of my intimate side. I am excited to have the award. I am trying to figure out where I will put it.”

And when they asked if she had any other pornos up her sleeve, she said “as of right now, no. But you never know.” Which, of course, means yes. Right? If you genuinely didn’t have any other plans, you’d just be like “nah, I’m done,” but that coy little “you never know” always makes me think that I do know, and this time, the answer is yes.

Do you think the world can even handle this?

Octomom Is Stripping for Valentine’s Day

A photo of Nadya Suleman

Last summer, Octomom was supposed to do this stripping gig. I mean, she did one, as you can see, but she was supposed to do a different one. She cancelled because one of the employees of the club said that she “must be a little crazy,” then the club tried to sue her for backing out of the deal. It was a whole big mess. You remember.

But Octomom made a deal with the poor, scorned strip club, and come Valentine’s Day, all debts will be paid. With boobs.

From TMZ:

Octomom’s 2013 is shaping up a lot like 2012 … weeks after signing up for welfare (again), the mother of 14 has inked a deal to shake her naked ta-tas (again) — but swears this is the last time.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ she getting paid $20,000 to do a topless strip at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL. We’re told it’s all part of a deal she worked out with the lounge to settle their ongoing legal beef.

As TMZ previously reported, T’s sued Octo last year for breach of contract after she pulled out of a similar gig, claiming she wouldn’t strip after the employees trash-talked her to the media.

According to our sources, Nadya and T’s worked out a deal last month. We’re told the club agreed to drop the suit and Octo agreed to perform four paid shows in February (14th-16th). We’re told lap dances are not on the table … just stage dancing and bartending.

Gotta get their money’s worth.

This is it, friends. Get down to Florida this Valentine’s Day. Octomom will make it worth your while.