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Lindsay Lohan Got Another Job!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

You know, we can say whatever we want about Lindsay Lohan (and we do), but it’s getting pretty hard to deny that this girl is getting her life back on track. Sarah mentioned it earlier today when she told you all about Lindsay’s hook up with Gerard Butler: she’s coming back.

She’s doing that Lifetime movie about Elizabeth Taylor, and she hosted Saturday Night Live. She’s done all sorts of important interviews, and she even went back to her beloved red hair. In two short days, Lindsay will finally be off probation, and even though she’s had a few setbacks, it really looks like she’s going to be a free woman. What else could Lindsay possibly do to prove that she’s still a star?

She could guest star on Glee, that’s what she could do. And that’s what she’s doing:

The Fox hit is in final negotiations with Lindsay Lohan to guest star in one of this season’s final episodes, TVLine has learned exclusively. What’s more, she’ll be tackling a role she was born to play: herself!

An insider at the Fox hit confirms that, if the deal is sealed, the movie star-turned-tabloid queen — once famously the butt of a joke on the show — will serve as a celebrity judge at Nationals. Although there’s no word yet as to who might be joining Lohan on the panel, past judges for the annual season-ending competition have included Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John.

The Glee gig would mark the latest leg of the troubled actress’ Hollywood comeback, which got underway last month when she hosted Saturday Night Live. Her last scripted TV gig was a 2008 arc on Ugly Betty. She’s currently in talks to play acting legend Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime biopic.

And for all you doubting Thomases out there, E! has already gotten Lindsay’s rep to confirm her appearance. That means that the Lohan family has forgotten all of their issues with the show, that this is actually, really happening, and that oh please God please let Lindsay have a song and dance number.

What other proof do you need that Lindsay is back on the road to success?

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  • Why was this girl ever considered talented? What did she do besides a teenager chick flick anyway?