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Aww, Jennifer Lopez Is Talking Babies with Her Little Boyfriend!

A photo of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

You guys! How precious is this?! Jennifer Lopez and her man, Casper Smart, are so amazingly, beautifully in love that they are discussing having babies together! BABIES! And yes, they’ve only been dating for somewhere around two or three months, but … babies! Can you believe it?!

From Star via Celebitchy:

Jennifer Lopez is so smitten with her new love, Casper Smart, they are already talking babies, Star has learned! “She’s seen how great Casper is with her twins, Max and Emme, and she knows he’d be a terrific father if they had a baby of their own to add to the family,” a source tells Star. “She and Casper are so madly in love…

“Marc is fuming about her relationship with Casper and how serious it’s getting so fast. Tensions between Marc and J.Lo are worse than ever.” But Jennifer is determined to build a family with Casper – and is even currently shopping for a new multimillion-dollar apartment in Manhatten to serve as their primary residence. “She’s living with Casper now in L.A. but looking to buy a place in New York City with plenty of room,” says the source.

I know, I know, this is a story from Star, and Star reports a lot of nonsense. But does this sound like nonsense to you? Would it be so bizarre to imagine a Jennifer Lopez who does crazy things for love? Would it be so completely insane to imagine a Casper Smart who just grabs on to this meal ticket and never lets go? Would that be so unbelievable?

In other Jennifer and Casper news (Jasper? Cassifer? Smopez?), Jenny is apparently getting jobs for little Casper. This is in addition to the allowance, mind you. What a sweetheart, that Jenny!

From In Touch via Celebitchy again (thanks, Celebitchy!):

Jennifer has petitioned the show’s producers to find a job for her young lover. “Casper has some title but no one knows what he’s supposed to be doing,” an insider tells In Touch. Jennifer, 42, is so intent on keeping him close she’s even hired her attorneys to clear him of charges stemming from recklessly drag-racing a friend down an LA freeway last winter. Dishes the insider, “She doesn’t mind paying thousands of dollars if it means he’ll stick around.”

This whole thing still gives me the willies, but can we take a moment to consider what an amazing girlfriend Jennifer Lopez seems to be? You would never want for anything with this lady! I’d be like “hey Jenny, darling, can I stay in your sweet ass house and drive your nice cars and spend your money for you? Oh, you’re just going to give me money? Awesome. What? You want your kids to call me Daddy? Yeah, sure, sounds great, but hey, about that money …” And she would agree to everything in a baby voice, because come on, look at that picture up there, that is the face of a woman who uses a baby voice, and I would bolt. Baby voices, man. Too far.

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