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Casper Smart

2Jennifer Lopez’s Man-Child Says She’s Going Back To American Idol

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez is finally putting all those American Idol rumors to rest. Or, actually, no, she’s not. It’s boyfriend Casper Smart who’s doing that for her. He may have said something he shouldn’t have. From TMZ:

Jennifer Lopez must sure think Casper Smart is cute, because upstairs there’s a vacancy — he just ruined her big announcement that she’s returning to “American Idol.”

Smart was promoting his new show — yes, anyone can — when he was asked if his GF was coming back to the struggling show. He dug deep and said, “Yes.”

Apparently Casper thought the cat was already out of the bag.

Whoooooops. Keith Urban is also returning. We know this because he got to announce it on Twitter and he did and it was the best day of his life.

August 17, 2013 at 12:12 pm by Catherine St. Ives

5Jennifer Lopez Adopted A Dog with Her Little Baby Boyfriend!

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

We already knew that this relationship was serious. I mean, I’m pretty positive that Jennifer Lopez is going to make Casper propose to her relatively soon – at the very least, before the year is through. But I think we can all agree that dog adoption is an especially serious step in any relationship, right?

But guys, look at the dog:

Oh my god. You probably can’t even comprehend right off how cute this little puppy is, so probably come back and look at this picture a few times throughout the evening, let it sink in gradually. This puppy is SO CUTE.

Casper tweeted the photo, and he also let us in on the dog’s name: Bear. Of course.

But hey, did you see how adorable that puppy is?

January 20, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Emily

4Casper Smart Wants to Be A Daddy!

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

There comes a time in a young man’s life when he has to decide what path he wants to take. Maybe he’ll decide to focus on his career and throw everything he has into it. Maybe he’ll decide that he wants to lead a life full of leisure. Or maybe he’ll decide that what will truly give his life meaning is having children. It’s like aspirations in the Sims – there’s just something that matters more to you than everything else.

It seems like Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez‘s little baby boyfriend, has found his calling in life. Hint: it involves having sex and making bank.

From the National Enquirer:

CASPER SMART? YOU *BETCHA*!! It’s an open secret among his pals that 43-year-old JENNIFER LOPEZ’s private dancer, 25-year-old CASPER SMART, is desperate to get his superstar galpal pregnant, knowing a child would secure his place in her life forever – and now the deed’s about to get did!

“Casper’s been pushing the baby subject for months, and got real specific when he told her that the only Christmas present he wanted from her was to agree to have his baby,” said one of the dancer-choreographer’s closest friends.

“It now looks like he’ll get his wish because Jennifer’s finally agreed to do her best to get pregnant early in the New Year!”

Oh, yes. Casper Smart would. “The only thing I want for Christmas is for you to have my baby, baby,” he’d tell her sweetly, not mentioning that he’s been stealing money out of her purse for the past year, so that was a pretty sweet present too. And then she’d start doing a weird noisy flail where she tried to go “awww!” but kind of started crying, and he’d think “god, she’s so ugly when she cries,” and then she’d hug him and he’d unclasp her necklace to sell on the street. Just another hustle at the Lopez manor.

January 8, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Emily

3Casper Smart Is So Gross: The Halloween Edition

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

That’s what the love bears, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, wore for Halloween. Because love, you guys. Because love.

Is anyone else a little shocked that they didn’t dress up as literal love bears? That would have been an awesome idea. They could have gotten bear suits and hot glued little hearts all over them, and then Jennifer could cling to Casper all night while he had his hand slipped in her purse. Because that’s what kind of love bears they are.

Meanwhile, here’s a much, much more awesome costume:

A photo of The Rock

That’s a photo of The Rock as The Incredible Hulk, obviously. Also obvious: the glory of this costume.

Ok, ok, here’s one more:

A photo of Paris Hilton

That’s Paris Hilton as – wait for it – Honey Boo Boo Child. Isn’t that awful? She doesn’t even have a bottle of Red Bull and Mountain Dew. F-, Paris Hilton, that’s your grade for Halloween.

But what did you guys get into last night?

November 1, 2012 at 5:30 am by Emily

2We Missed Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart’s Anniversary!

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

This is just awful. This past Thursday, one of our very favorite couples, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, celebrated their one year anniversary. Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday when we were learning what a douchebag Jennifer’s little baby boyfriend is, like no time at all has passed since we started seeing nauseating photos and hearing hilarious stories about the two of them. But it’s already been one whole year. And we know that because of this delightful exchange on Twitter.

Here’s what Casper (whose real name is apparently Beau) posted:

A photo of Casper Smart

And here’s Jennifer’s reply:

YOU GUYS. Or should I say, YOU BEARS. Stop it! Except really, stop it. I’m so not into this. But regardless, here’s to another year of your complete and utter ridiculousness. It’s good stuff, bears. It’s really good.

October 27, 2012 at 3:00 pm by Emily

4Jennifer Lopez Is Getting Sick of Casper Smart, Won’t Break Up with Him

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

Don’t we all have that one friend who consistently dates douchebags just so she can be dating someone? And you’re like “uh, I don’t think this is going to turn out well at all,” but you keep you mouth shut because she’s happy right now and you don’t want to get all in her business? But then she finally starts realizing what a douchebag he really is, and you’re thankful that she’s finally coming to her senses, but also secretly a little pleased with yourself that you called it from the beginning?

That’s exactly how I feel about Jennifer Lopez right now. Except she’s not my friend, so I don’t have to hold it in. GIRL, I TOLD YOU!

From People:

Her whirlwind romance with Casper Smart began last Novemberas what one source close to the couple told PEOPLE was “a fun fling.”

But now, nearly a year later, could Jennifer Lopez be preparing to leave more than just her American Idol gig?

“He’s moved into her life – and a little too easily, too,” the source tells PEOPLE. “I think her family is watching him closely.”

Lopez’s possible cold front comes amid tabloid reports about Smart: One claims he visited a New York City exotic massage parlor, while another reports he was at a peep show next door. (Photographs show Smart going up a set of stairs that lead to the spa.) Lawyers for the couple call the stories “false, malicious and defamatory.”

Those rumors coincided with her 43rd birthday, which they celebrated together in the city. But although they were all smiles as they were photographed heading to lunch, the source says “she’s getting frustrated with him” and she’s increasingly “short-tempered when she’s around him.”

This is a departure from the affection they displayed when they hit the town – and, recently, in a steamy music video for her single “Dance Again” (and again in a sweet clip during her current concerts for the song “Baby I Love U”).

But as Smart continues to tour with Lopez, a breakup may not be in their near future.

“Jennifer is the kind of girl who doesn’t like to be alone,” says the source. “Until she finds a replacement, I think, he’s around.”

An exotic massage parlor? You don’t say.

Look, I’m sure that Jennifer Lopez is the only person in the whole entire world who has seen Casper Smart and didn’t think “wow, Casper Smart is a jackass.” But Jennifer is a “romantic,” which means that the only thing that will truly break this spell is an even bigger jackass to come and sweep her off her feet. If only Ashton Kutcher wasn’t taken ….

August 4, 2012 at 8:00 am by Emily
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