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Casper Smart swears he didn’t cheat on Jennifer Lopez

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Remember how Casper Smart apparently cheated on Jennifer Lopez with that transsexual model before JLo dropped his ass like a bad habit? And then apparently he got offered the opportunity to be in a porn with said transsexual model for a hefty sum? Well, look, Casper wants you to know he’s been completely misrepresented and he never cheated on Jen with ANYBODY!

From TMZ:

As TMZ first reported, JLo and Smart split up a few months back … and it had nothing to do with Smart’s alleged sexcapades.

But Smart is pissed that claimed he had flings with two transsexuals he met on Instagram … so his lawyer has fired off a letter to the site’s founder, Nik Richie, denying he’s ever met, kissed or had sexual relations with either of the transsexuals in question.

Smart says he didn’t send them dirty pics and flat out denies cheating on Jennifer.

Smart has given the site an ultimatum — either retract the story or get sued.

Smart’s lawyer also sent threatening letters to the two transsexuals … imploring them to sign declarations saying they never met Smart.

TMZ reached out to Richie for a response … and here’s the part we can post: “Casper, go get a real job. I heard Instagram is hiring over in their compliance department … Stop blaming everyone else for your problems.”

First of all, you know this bro ain’t even mad that his cheating was revealed, but rather his proclivity for transsexuals, which, get a life, bro. Like who you like – lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals… why the fuck does it matter? Own it. Second of all, the only reason he wants to sue is because JLo cut baby’s allowance off and like Richie said, this idiot needs to get a REAL job.

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are through; Is Casper headed to porn?

jennifer lopez casper smart

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart were never going to last, and after the latest rumours broke about Casper’s sexting affair with the transsexual model Sofie Viss, there was no way it could continue (though it was probably over well before then). In any case, JLo and Casper are officially done and over and have been for at least six weeks.

From People:

“It just came to an end. And they both knew it,” a friend of Lopez tells PEOPLE. “But just because it ended didn’t mean they had to be enemies. She cares for him very much. He’s a good guy. He’s really a very good, stand-up guy. It came to a natural end, and they didn’t want to make any big announcements that they were having problems.”

The split happened about six weeks ago, but the couple have remained in contact. Smart, 27, was at a photo shoot with Lopez, 44, last week and has still been living at her house, though he is expected to move out soon.
“They were having problems for a while, but she wanted to be supportive and was concerned about him,” the pal says. “For him being so young, he’s handling it very adult … He’s really sweet and young. And that’s the truth. She’s not a victim. She’s in a great space.”

Now Casper has an interesting new prospect on the horizon: a porno with the woman he had the alleged affair with.

From TMZ:

Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch sent a letter to Casper … asking him to play the lead love interest in an XXX film featuring the transsexual with whom he was rumored to have an online fling.

Hirsch says Sofie Viss is locked and loaded for a film called, “Sofie on the DownLo” … and Hirsch wants Casper to get it on with Viss in the company’s first-ever transsexual sex tape.

We’re told Casper is being offered around $200,000 — with big back end potential and the possibility of a sequel, “Casper, the Friendly Host.”

Of course, Casper has never admitted to having any sort of relationship with Sofie, but now that he hasn’t got a sugar mama to pay his way, he may want to think about getting on board with this.

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart will soon be over

jennifer lopez casper smart

Things aren’t going well for Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart. While the pair have been dating for the past couple of years, in recent months reports have surfaced that Casper cheated on her with a transgender model and has been sexting and sending dick picks her way, etc. First of all, dudes, newsflash: virtually no women want your dick pics, like, ever. Second of all, you’ve got J.Lo and you’re even looking anywhere else? SMH.

In any case, while the couple are still barely together, things might change with that REAL quick (and rumour on the street goes that she had his young ass sign an NDA so he can’t open his mouth about a single thing that ever transpired in their relationship).

From People:

A few months ago, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart “hit a rough patch,” a friend tells PEOPLE, but the singer has been trying to be supportive of him and work through their issues.

“Now,” notes the friend, “all this stuff comes out about sexting. They’re still together, technically, but no idea for how long.”

Internet reports claim that Smart, 27, a former backup dancer for Lopez and now a choreographer, has sent Instagram photos and steamy messages to somebody else. (Reps for both have not commented.)

“There were issues that pre-date these new reports,” says another source, who adds that Lopez’s mind is currently on things that go beyond rumors over her and Smart’s romance.

“She has a really busy three weeks and doesn’t have time to deal with this,” the source adds. “And she’s on the East Coast and he’s working on the West Coast.”

“She is excited about where her life is right now,” says the friend. “Her new single (“First Love”) is on fire, and her album is about to drop, and she has movies, and hit TV shows (The Fosters) that she’s producing. She couldn’t be in better shape professionally. Personally, it’s a bit more tricky.

How tricky? A second source says, “Put it this way, they were having problems before the sexting. You do the math.”

Just goes to show – never take the hired help to the next level. Also maybe don’t pick such a young buck – he was never going to be able to settle down and probably got too big for his britches real quick.

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