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Casper Smart Is So Gross: The Halloween Edition

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

That’s what the love bears, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, wore for Halloween. Because love, you guys. Because love.

Is anyone else a little shocked that they didn’t dress up as literal love bears? That would have been an awesome idea. They could have gotten bear suits and hot glued little hearts all over them, and then Jennifer could cling to Casper all night while he had his hand slipped in her purse. Because that’s what kind of love bears they are.

Meanwhile, here’s a much, much more awesome costume:

A photo of The Rock

That’s a photo of The Rock as The Incredible Hulk, obviously. Also obvious: the glory of this costume.

Ok, ok, here’s one more:

A photo of Paris Hilton

That’s Paris Hilton as – wait for it – Honey Boo Boo Child. Isn’t that awful? She doesn’t even have a bottle of Red Bull and Mountain Dew. F-, Paris Hilton, that’s your grade for Halloween.

But what did you guys get into last night?

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  • My son was supposed to be Curious George. He’s worn the costume for a month & on the actual night – he wouldn’t! I was the man with the yellow hat, which literally everyone knew – thank goodness! Otherwise I would have just been the strange lady in yellow :)


    Just look at this pic there r so many more out there, b4 he was with JLo he slept with a lot of male casting directors for industry jobs. This gay topic has been brought up with him many times because the ppl that know him know this is true about him but he keeps paying ppl off to stop talking about it… wonder if JLO knows.